Will the Browns Admit the Obvious?

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

How disgusting was this game for the Browns fans?

This team has been able to play one game as the season approaches its midway point.

They've appeared to be as bad as any team in the league. They started with three losses in which their offense was absolutely terrible. They beat a bad Cincinnati team who was without their starting quarterback, and managed to look bad doing it. They then rose up to dominate the defending Super Bowl champs, giving everyone a glimpse of what could be, what should be.

They follow that up with a giant step backward.

Derek Anderson missed receivers by three yards. Braylon Edwards humiliated himself. If he is unable to catch the ball, he is not an NFL receiver. The defense played as well as can be expected considering that the offense gave them no rest. Portis will wear down any defense forced to play that many minutes.

When a team shows you that they possess the ability to play excellent football, but refuse to, you can only blame the coach. Crennel insists on staying with Anderson as the season goes up in smoke. Fair enough, it's his decision to make, but at what point does the organization hold him responsible? Live with DA, die with DA.

It's time that the Browns realize that they will not contend with Anderson at quarterback and Romeo Crennel at the wheel.

I know that Romeo has some fans, but even they must be finding it difficult to defend a man who's squandered such a promising season. Derek Anderson's fan cannot rationally defend him anymore, either.