Randy Savage: One Too Many Deaths for This Heartbroken Fan

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMay 20, 2011

I can't even bring myself to wrap my mind over this saddening news much less write about it: Randy Savage is no longer among the living. We will never hear his famous catch phrase, "OOOOOH, YEAH!" or ever see him step foot into the WWE as a legend of the promotion.

It's unbelievable that he died in the way he did. A heart attack..a freaking heart attack had to happen while driving with his wife. A collision with a tree resulted in the death of Savage, as the impact of the crash was too much to overcome. At least his wife survive the accident as the silver lining in the tragedy.

In reality, I'm so damn sick of all the deaths involving pro-wrestlers as it weighs too heavy on my heart. In a perfect world they'd all be dying from ripe old age or only once in a blue moon, a young wrestler would die. Instead so many have fallen to the vices of variety of drugs, alcoholism and heart attacks at a young age. 

I was only nine when Owen Hart died. At that time I view the spandex-wearing heroes as individuals who could overcome everything, invincible to the trails of average men and women. The moment Owen fell to his death was the moment that my view of these magnificent wrestlers shattered as I faced the sad reality that they are human in the same ways their fans are.

Mr. Perfect aka Curt Hennig was once of my favorite wrestlers of all time. What he could do in the ring was the definition of perfection. When he had a mic in hand you knew you were going to hear something intense, humorous or downright—for lack of a better word—perfect. I cheered him on when he entered as number 25 of the 2002 Royal Rumble. I marveled at how he held his own against the best of the WWE at that time. When the news of his death hit me...I felt hollow, sad and downright miserable. 

Eddie Guerrero charmed every fan he encountered and lied, stole and cheated his way into our hearts. I was utterly shocked when he died as he looked more fit then a horse for someone nearing 40, and it was a well-known fact that he had overcome his drug addictions. I cried along with everyone over his death as it was a brutal lost to our wrestling community. Eddie was all about lying, stealing and cheating, but he had to lie just to lie in the hearts of all his devoted fans. If he had to steal, he stole away from his inner demons. If you must cheat, he cheated us all of our time watching his perform night in and night out in the ring.

Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler of all time, as I loved his intensity in the ring and his devotion to the wrestling business. His determination and inner drive was something I wished I had. His matches were rarely ever bad, his animalistic move-set was awesome to see. When I heard he died I was overcome with a sadness I had became used to from past deaths, but when the details emerged, I experienced a mix of every ugly emotion possible as it was horrific that Benoit killed his wife and child before killing himself himself...I felt sorrow for both sides of the family and for the souls of the departed. Needless to say I was never the same fan again.

Test, Umaga, Brian Pillman, Crash Holly, Miss Elizabeth—the names go on and on to the point where there are too many to list. It gets to the point where I wonder if I can handle being a wrestling fan, as it's apparent that it comes with the territory seeing men and women you watch week in and out die young. Too much sadness for one to have within them for any sport. It scary to wonder how many will have died young in the next twenty years.

The death of the Macho Man made me run through my mental list of all who have died in the past and how unfair that this world can be and how unfair it was for Savage as he I feel still had plenty left to do on this earth. Guess I'll just have to imagine this conversation taken place somewhere in the sky:

GOD: "So you're ready to go through the gates of Heaven?"

MACHO: "Ooooooh YEAHHH!!"

Rest in peace Randy Savage, as you'll be missed by all in the world of Pro-Wrestling!