WWE Smackdown: May 20, 2011 Questions, Comments and Musings

BBQ SauceContributor IIIMay 20, 2011

Well, this was the last Smackdown before Over The Limit. This week, I felt the show was full of some very strong material, as well as some awful filler. I will now go over some things that crossed my mind while watching the show. In case you haven't noticed, this article is assuming you've already seen tonight's (5-20-11) Smackdown! 

For best results, read while watching Smackdown.


Segment 1: Sheamus vs. Christian

In one of my past articles, I defended Sheamus as having good mic skills. Thanks for letting me down Sheamus, with that terrible 30-second atrocity. "I'm coming up, you're going down." Puh-leeze.

Failed crowd interaction by Christian at the beginning of this match. Do the fans just like Christian's music or something? He continuously gets a good crowd reaction during his entrances, but after that, it's somewhat dead.

Midway through the match: Christian gets a solid clap going. Good for him.

Overall: Good match with kind of a disappointing finish. Gotta look out for that small package, Sheamus!

Uh oh, Randy Orton takes his time coming to help Christian after a Mark Henry/Sheamus beatdown. Is a heel turn imminent?


Segment 2: Waste of Time

Hmm...I wonder who chose this match to be shown. What an utter waste of 10 minutes. Are we seeing the first glimpses of the HHH regime? I'll forgive WWE for showing this junk right before a PPV because all the matches are set, but if it becomes traditional to show these 10-minute "WWE Vault" matches on TV, WWE can expect a lot of unhappy campers.

But wait! We now get a five-minute, "I Quit" match promo! What channel was basketball on again?


Segment 3: Divas

Next up is an interview with the Bellas. Oh wait, but first we need yet another recap. This time it's Kharma cleaning house then flicking Kelly Kelly in the forehead.

I'm calling it right now that Kharma will win the next bikini or beauty contest—a typical monster turns into joke scheme by WWE Creative. Another victim of this type of treatment is Great Khali...but more on him later.

All I know is that when I try and insult somebody, I don't use one complimentary word then one insulting word. Calling Natalya a "powerful wench" just doesn't sound right. How about a brutish wench? Or perhaps a powerful smelling wench? Gotta work on that word choice, Brie.

Overall: Typical Divas match. "Powerful" Natalya shouldn't be going down for the count after a simple faceplant. 


Segment 4: Ezekiel Jackson

Why is this guy getting mic time? His speeches are well-composed, but his delivery is so bad. 

Ezekiel Jackson has some nice teeth. Anybody else notice that? His smile is second only to Alberto del Rio. Wait, I mean, uh...second only to Kelly Kelly. Of course I don't stare at other guys' teeth. 

Match: Jackson/Big Show/Kane vs The Corre

Anybody else notice that Kane sign? I had to look twice because I thought I misread it. Does somebody actually like Kane? Don't get me wrong, he's good, but he isn't sign worthy. I haven't seen a Kane sign during a non-Undertaker-feud for the better part of 10 years.

Standard match. Win by Jackson via torture rack–a very underrated move! 


Segment 5: Chavo vs. Daniel Bryan

I do not not have Chavo's music on my iPod. OOOOOH CHAVO!

"You couldn't even beat Daniel Bryan without my help." Just what exactly is Chavo saying? Is Daniel Bryan supposed to be some sort of a pushover? If you were Bryan, wouldn't you be kind of pissed at that statement? 

Match: Chavo must beat Bryan in under 5 minutes. Despite a 3-amigos/frog splash combo, Bryan kicks out and time expires. So...does Bryan win or does he just not lose. I'm confused. Pretty good match otherwise.

Sorry IWC, after this promo/match, your boy Daniel Bryan has been completely thrown under the bus.

Sin Cara comes sporting some new gear and throws Chavo out of the ring after an ambush


Segment 6: Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Trent Barretta

I guess Cody Rhodes beat Ted DiBiase so bad last week he still thinks they're in Legacy together. 

Anybody else getting tired of Cody Rhodes? His character has so much potential but it's been stuck in limbo for the last two months. HE SAYS THE EXACT SAME THING EVERY WEEK! Let's get some progression going!

Why is Ted speaking in a terrible Spanish accent? If one of the goals of the WWE is to reach out to Latin America, is this the right way to do it? I'm not remotely Hispanic, but you have to feel a little offended about this segment. Quite amateur in my opinion.

Match: Trent Barretta vs Ted DiBiase

I'll be honest, I was beginning to fall asleep after Christian vs. Sheamus until this match came up. These two put on a good show—short and sweet. At first I thought Trent Barretta was nothing but a jobber but he's got some good stuff and almost convinced me he was going to win. Almost. I hope WWE keeps him around. As for DiBiase, push him already!


Segment 7: Great Khali vs. Jey Uso

Two lower card guys going at it...WWE is really stretching the show thin. This current Smackdown roster is unsustainable. 

I'm interested to see some more Jinder Mahal. If he can wrestle halfway decently, he can be a huge star. The intensity as he spoke to Khali was great.

I don't speak a lick of Punjabi, but with Mahal, you can understand what he's saying through his actions. I think he basically said "quit acting like a damn fool and start kicking some butt." This is in contrast to Rey Mysterio or Alberto del Rio who weave Spanish into their promos, but I haven't the slightest clue what they are talking about and their body language doesn't help us out, either. 

That vein on Khali's right arm makes Lamar Odom's right arm vein look like silly string.


Last segment: Orton vs. Mark Henry

I'm giving up why Mark Henry is being pushed—I'll just accept it. Orton wins via disqualification when Sheamus clocks Orton in the head. Christian stalls like Orton at the beginning of the show then comes to his aid.

Maybe it will be Christian who turns heel?

What just happened to Randy Orton after he RKO'd Mark Henry? Is he suffering from some sort of bi-polar disorder? Is he schizophrenic? I've never seen such odd behavior out of the Viper. If anybody can convince me he didn't break kayfabe there I'll give you props. 

Well that was the show. I would give it about a 5/10. Good matches from DiBiase/Barretta, Sheamus/Christian and we saw a side of Randy Orton we've never seen before.

On the downside, we had way too much filler, probably about 30 minutes worth and the burying of Daniel Bryan. 

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy Over The Limit!


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