Impact Wrestling Review for May 19, 2011: Anderson's Surprise & Knockout Returns

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 20, 2011

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Your Home For All Opinions On All Things Pro Wrestling starts here. The Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling.

Well it's about that time again, iMPACT! reviews! This is the first edition of iMPACT! under the Impact Wrestling name. We'll see how the show is now that 'wrestling matters.'

First we get a quick Sacrifice rewind and results.

The show starts and we see a fresh, new iMPACT! introduction video. It's a well done video and they managed to show a lot of people in such a short time. There was AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, damn near everybody on the roster was in the video.

Anyways, iMPACT! kicks off and we get a new iMPACT! Wrestling Zone that is decked out in blue.

Immortal's Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Abyss, Matt Hardy and Gunner walk to the ring.

Bischoff informs us that Hogan and Foley are in New York talking to SPIKE Network people so he's running the show tonight. Okay.

Then Brian Kendrick's music plays? He comes out with Generation Me and Amazing Red. Kendrick cuts a good promo on the X Division.

The X Division wants their time. Bischoff gets angry and makes some matches for the night.

X Division title match: Kazarian vs. Abyss

Amazing Red vs. Samoa Joe

Generation Me vs. Matt Hardy and.... Eric Bischoff!

Kendrick says he wants to see some action. He wants a match. Instead Bischoff gives him a slap to the face and Immortal attacks the X Division.

Fortune charges to the ring to level the playing field. The brawl continues and Fortune and the X Division guys get the best of Immortal.

Generation Me simultaneously suicide dive through the ropes and hit Bully Ray and Matt Hardy. Right after we see Amazing Red jump off the top rope and take out Abyss.

All hell has broken loose and there are people fighting all over the iMPACT! Wrestling Zone! Immortal is getting their ass kicked!

The hectic brawl ends when Immortal flee up the ramp and Ric Flair calls out Bobby Roode and wants him face-to-face later in the night.

It is known that James Storm suffered a concussion during the brawl.

Some way to start this historic night.

Backstage we see blue and yellow boots and tights. On the tights is a scorpion. Old Sting attire.


The first match of the night is a six Knockouts Tag Team match. 

Mexican America's Sarita and Rosita are in the ring. Madison Rayne is announced and comes out. Their opponents: Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher and Tara.

Then the rest of Mexican America comes out. Hernandez and Anarquia join Taz and Mike Tenay on commentary.

Mickie and Rosita start things off slowly. Rosita brings Mickie into the corner where she is triple-teamed by Mexican America and Madison.

Madison comes in and chokes Mickie with her boot in the corner. She stops and taunts Tara, which will cost her. She turns around and Mickie unloads with forearms. She grabs Madison and tags in Tara, but at the same time, Madison breaks free from Mickie's grip and tags in Sarita.

Tara goes straight after Madison, which allows Sarita to drop kick Tara from behind. Tara stands in the corner and Sarita charges at her, but Tara reverses into a roll-up. Sarita rolls out of the pin attempt, then gets laid out with a clothesline. 

Tara drags Sarita by the hair to the corner and tags in Ms. T. Tara and Ms. T hit Sarita with a double clothesline, then Ms. T does a People's Elbow kind of move. Pin for a two-count. Ms. T follows up with an arm drag and some forearm shots. She goes to bounce off the ropes, but Rosita grabs her by the hair.

Ms. T gets beat down in the corner by all three Knockouts. Madison Rayne tags in. Ms. T gets Madison in a roll-up out of nowhere, but it's only for a two.

Ms. T crawls towards her corner for a tag. Madison grabs her but Ms. T kicks her off and tags in Tara. Madison tags in Rosita.

Rosita gets decked by some big clotheslines, then spins out into a BIG sidewalk slam by Tara. Tara goes for a pin, but Sarita breaks it up at one. Mickie and Ms. T beat down Sarita then throw her out of the ring.

Both Mickie and Ms. T leave the ring to continue with Sarita.

In the ring, Tara stops watching Mickie, Ms T and Sarita and turns around. She comes face-to-face with Madison. Madison gets scared and throws Rosita into Tara's path.

Tara grabs Rosita by the throat and completely decimates her with a gigantic double-hand chokeslam. Devastating move by Tara.

Mickie, Ms. Tessmacher and Tara get the victory. Good match to start the night.

Up next: X Division title match.

We get back from commercials and there's more retro Sting sightings backstage.

Abyss and Kazarian come out. Before the match we get a quick glimpse of Sacrifice. Kazarian's perfect sunset flip powerbomb on Max Buck. It was awesome.

Abyss charges at Kazarian, who avoids The Monster and lays in some punches. Abyss pushes Kazarian away and charges at him again. The same thing happens.

Abyss sends Kazarian into the corner and runs at him again. Kazarian moves again. Kazarian stands on the ropes and rains down punches on Abyss. Abyss pushes Kaz off of him.

Kazarian runs at Abyss and hits him with a forearm. He tries again, but instead slides through Abyss' legs and hits him with a drop kick.

Abyss is now leaning against the ropes and Kaz runs at him again. Abyss counters with a big elbow to the face and Kaz is down.

Abyss sends Kaz into the corner and squashes him in the corner. Abyss holds Kaz in a headlock and Kaz breaks out after biting The Monster's hand. Kaz gets in a few punches, then bounces off the ropes only to be caught by Abyss.

Kazarian reverses a chokeslam and Abyss throws him into the corner. Abyss charges at him and misses again. Kazarian pulls a springboard and drop kick to perfection. Both guys are down.

Kazarian gets up first and heads to the top rope. He hits Abyss with a hurricanranna. Kaz ducks a clothesline, springboards off the ropes and drops Abyss with an elbow, followed up with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian's flurry of offense is good for a two-count.

Abyss launches Kazarian over the ropes, but Kaz lands on the ring apron. Kazarian climbs the top rope. He jumps but is caught by the throat.

Chokesl—no! Kazarian reverses into a pin! Two.

Abyss catches his breath in the corner, but Kazarian charges into the corner. Abyss moves and Kazarian lands on the middle rope. Abyss grabs Kaz and lays him out with Shock Treatment.

Abyss goes to the top and tries for a splash off the ropes. Kaz moves and Abyss hits the mat and favors his knee. Kazarian jumps on Abyss' knee and repeatedly hits it with punches and kicks. The referee pulls Kazarian off.

Abyss gets up and big boots Kazarian. Abyss was playing possum, faking his "injury." Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam. New Champion.

Abyss is the new X Division Champion and Taz says right after the match that the Internet will surely burn up after this. Mike Tenay thinks that this is the final straw in the division.

Gunner is backstage searching for EY after he stole his TV title last week. (There may finally be a feud over the TV title between EY and Gunner! I was right!)

Amazing Red awaits in the ring. Enter Samoa Joe.

Taz and Tenay talk about Crimson's streak, then say that Joe was undefeated for 18 months. Then we see a flashback of maybe six, seven, maybe eight years ago of Samoa Joe kicking ass. Pretty cool that Impact flashbacked to almost seven years ago.

Once the bell rings, Amazing Red runs at Joe in the corner. Joe catches Red and throws him down hard. Joe punches Red several times in the corner until Red blocks one and runs to the ropes.

Red goes for some kind of move that involves him spinning multiple times around Joe, but Joe throws Red aside, then charges him into the corner. Joe hits Red with a kick, then a Muscle Buster for a three. Match over.

After the match, Joe attacks Red. He's trying to get Crimson out to the ring and mission accomplished. Crimson comes in and beats down Samoa Joe.

As soon as Joe gains momentum in their brawl, Crimson tosses Joe with a T-Bone Suplex. Joe leaves the ringside area as Crimson tends to Red's aide.

AJ Styles is in the ring with a neck brace. He calls out Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer enters and AJ says that after he was piledrived through a table at Sacrifice he needs to wear a neck brace for a little bit. AJ says he understands where Tommy's coming from. Tommy is forced to do what he's doing right now. He is being forced by Bully Ray and Immortal.

AJ continues talking positive about Dreamer. Tommy twists AJ's words and thinks AJ said that he's better than him.

Dreamer said he does things because he feels like it and bashes Styles in the face with the mic.

Tommy continues to yell at Styles and the fans. AJ tackles Tommy and starts some offense. Tommy throws him by his neck, then mounts his own offense. Daniels comes and pulls Tommy off AJ.

Daniels checks on AJ while Tommy starts to leave. Dreamer has second thoughts and goes for Daniels. Unfortunately for Tommy, Daniels saw it coming and beats down Dreamer.

Bully Ray comes to help Dreamer and lays out both AJ and Daniels.

The crowd tells Tommy that he sold out and Tommy piledriver's AJ.

Then we see a bald Brian Kendrick? Why'd he shave his head? Oh, no. It's just a random fan (that looks a lot like Kendrick) talking about how much he loves wrestling. That's okay I guess.

Sting talks to the cameraman a little bit backstage. Tenay is confused. Sting was just in his modern black, white and red colors. Earlier we saw Sting in blue and yellow. Hmm...

Kurt Angle comes out and recaps the match at Sacrifice. He's glad Karen is gone and now he and Jeff can be one-on-one.

Jeff comes out and he and Kurt talk. They have a match at Slammiversary and the winner becomes the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!

Jeff wants to up the ante. He wants to add another stipulation. He wants Angle's gold medal.

(Side note: Didn't Angle lose his medal to AJ already? Anyone remember that? No? Just me? Okay.)

Kurt accepts the match. The winner will not only become No. 1 contender to the World title but also win Kurt Angle's Olympic Gold Medal.

Karen Jarrett rises from the entrance ramp Kurt Angle style. She's in a wheelchair and says she isn't gone. Velvet Sky appears behind her and pushes her down the ramp. Karen crashes into Jeff and they both just lay on the floor as Angle, Velvet and the fans laugh at them.

Generation Me is backstage getting ready for action. Max and Jeremy had issues in the past but put them aside for the good of the X Division. There's your explanation for their sudden friendship again.

They get ready to fight Matt Hardy and Eric Bischoff.

Matt Hardy wrestles the majority of the match. 

He and Jeremy Buck start off and go back and forth. As soon as Generation Me gain some momentum, Matt Hardy stops it all.

I'm not really interested in this match, honestly. It's more like a Handicap match. 

Max and Jeremy get some momentum and keep it going. Max grabs Matt's head with his legs and Jeremy drop kicks Matt in the face.

Gen. Me then send Matt to the corner and Jeremy jumps off Max's back and into Matt. An old Hardy Boyz double team.

Jeremy spears Matt, mounts him and beats the hell out of him.

Max tags in and he and Hardy exchange. Hardy hits a suplex for a two. Max does Matt's taunt, then goes for a Twist of Hate, which gets countered into a Side Effect.

Hardy is dead tired and wants to tag Bischoff. Bischoff tells Hardy to stay in the ring. Out of nowhere, Jeremy Buck hits Hardy with a Frog Splash while he crawls to Bischoff. Another two count.

Jeremy goes for a 450 Splash, but Hardy gets his knees up. Max tags in and grabs Hardy. Matt reverses and locks in his submission move: The Icepick.

Max is choked-out and Hardy takes in "Easy E." Bischoff hits a karate kick and gets an easy win.

Backstage, Winter is with Angelina Love. They have a Handicap match with Velvet Sky. Winter kisses Angelina. Nothing wrong with that. They're up next.

Velvet clotheslines Angelina but nothing happens. Love hits Velvet and sends her to the corner and tags in Winter.

Winter goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks. Winter grabs Velvet from behind, but Velvet elbows her in the face. Velvet drops Winter, then connects with a drop kick for two.

Winter drives Velvet into the corner and tags in Love. Angelina jacks Velvet's jaw with a big forearm.

Winter and Angelina go for a double clothesline, but Velvet tugs their clothesline and hits them with her own.

Velvet proceeds to put Angelina into a Sleeper Hold. Angelina breaks out and pushes Velvet towards the ropes where Winter snaps her neck against the ropes. Angelina then hits a clothesline.

Angelina puts Velvet in the corner, tags in Winter and they double-team her.

Winter tags Angelina back in for more double-teaming in the corner.

Another quick tag and double-team in the corner. Winter's in.

Winter swings Velvet into a swinging back-breaker. Tag to Angelina and Winter taunts the crowd. Angelina goes to pick up Velvet, but Velvet gets a roll-up and that's all she wrote.

Velvet wins out of nowhere.

Velvet starts to back up the ramp but is attacked by someone! Velvet is getting beat down! It's ODB! ODB beats down Velvet Sky and says she's back!

Up next is the showdown between Ric Flair and Bobby Roode.

Backstage, Miss Tessmacher is doing a photo shoot but gets mad at the cameraman because he tells her she isn't doing a pose right. It's Eric Young.

He wants to show Tessmacher how it's done. He takes off his shirt and pants. In nothing but his underwear, EY starts to stretch. Gunner enters the picture.

Gunner tells Ms. T to leave. EY says he's got Gunner's back and Gunner's got his back. They're both champions and they need to help each other.

Gunner beats up EY, but his TV title isn't there. Instead, Gunner takes the old TNA Heavyweight title that EY always carries.

Eric Young is still on the ground and says it's a good idea. They need to separate the belts to keep them safe. TV title feud? Oh yes.

Ric Flair comes out and calls out Bobby Roode. Showdown.

Flair is mad that Roode injured him at Lockdown. Roode says it was business, nothing personal. Flair dares Roode to do it again—to lock in his arm-breaker submission. Roode says no and Flair slaps him.

Roode takes Flair down and locks in his arm-breaker. Immortal comes out. Bully Ray, Abyss and Gunner beat down Roode. They hit Roode in the shoulder with a chair.

Sting comes out and talks about being champion. He talks about Sacrifice, RVD, Ken Anderson and Slammiversary.

Sting's music plays and the lights go out in the iMPACT! Wrestling Zone. Old Sting hits current Sting with a baseball bat then a Scorpion Death Drop.

The blue and yellow Sting is really Mr. Anderson. He looks exactly like old Sting. That segment closes the show.

Well, it was a....really good iMPACT! Wrestling matters and this show proved it. There wasn't a lot of mic time, rather, just pure action. Impact has been on fire recently with good episodes and this one was no different.

Some good spots were Kendrick's promo, the opening brawl, the Knockouts tag match and Tara's double-hand chokeslam, which was amazing. Kazarian vs. Abyss was great. The Tommy Dreamer/AJ Styles segment was good. The Jarrett/Angle feud will finally end at Slammiversary.

Generation Me teaming up again was nice. It looks like Bobby Roode may get a big singles push. The EY/Gunner segment was entertaining. Mr. Anderson's surprise was something unexpected and ODB came back!

The only negative parts I can think of are Bischoff in action and he and Hardy winning.

I didn't mention Abyss winning the X Division title because I believe it will be a great way to put Brian Kendrick over as a top face in the X Division. 


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