I Just Realized I'm A Fair-Weather Wisconsin Badgers Fan

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IOctober 18, 2008

I was called out last week for being a fair-weather Packers fan, even though the person that did said calling out was completely wrong. Through thick and thin, I have followed that team, and they are just as much "mine" as they are "his." And when they are struggling, I continue to write about them on this blog, and watch them every week.

I do the same with the Brewers, as you have witnessed this season when they struggled. Heck, I continually wrote about and watched the Bucks when they sucked last year, without giving it a second thought. Should the Badgers basketball team struggle this year, I'll probably be there through the rough times, too.

But for some reason, I just don't care that the Badgers lost to Iowa today, 38-16. I don't care that they lost their fourth game in a row, all in the Big Ten. I didn't watch a second of today's game—I had a prior commitment—but I'm not going to seek out the highlights anytime soon.

Maybe it's how college football is set up. Maybe it's that I can't throw my weight behind two football teams at once. Maybe I just don't feel attached to the team in a way I think I should.

All of those reasons are true, but only a part of the story. I am a fair-weather Badgers football fan. I only watch them when they are undefeated or have a chance at the Big Ten title. When I go to games, it's not to watch the football, it's to get drunk at house parties.

I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner.

Go Badgers?

(If you are a true Badger fan, bless your heart. You can find more analysis, video, and chat on the message boards via our good friends at the SportsBubbler.)