How Long Do You Think the WWE Will Last Before Ending Up Like WCW?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIMay 20, 2011

What does the Wrestling community feel about the current product?

Wrestling has gone from five-star viewing to nothing more than a C grade Circus production, with stories, feuds and matches meaning as little as to those who are actually participating in it.

All you have to do is ask wrestlers from the past or present and they will tell you how plain and bland wrestling has become.

Bret Hart:

“I honestly can’t believe that the best way 2 utilize a talent like Drew McIntyre is 2 waste him on Superstars. Who’s genius is that? Idiot!”

Paul Heyman:

"I'm sure he will get heat for me saying this, but @CMPunk is STILL the most underutilized talent on the WWE roster. And my apologies to @CMPunk for the heat he'll get, but come on already. Punk is the best heel in the biz today! WAKE THE F**K UP! It's amazing to me (and not in a good way) that WWE doesn't see how @CMPunk has brought out the best in every opponent."

The list of endless quotes can go on and on and on, however, instead of using EX-WWE stars as leverage to my argument, one only has to look at the ratings from pay-per-view's, House Shows, etc., to know that the WWE is a dying product.

Even with the return of the Rock and Austin to WWE Programming, one can only assume that it is just a matter of time before the WWE evaporates into thin air.

I realize that with a product with so much commercial success in and out of the States, it's almost impossible to even comprehend its demise, however, WCW was also a once beloved show that at one time was greater than WWE in programming.

Now, it’s nothing more than a memory of what was once great TV.

For me, the main problem is not John Cena, the writers, Vince McMahon, TNA or the current roster, it is more of the era we live in.

We live in a time where everything has to catch up with the times or else it is considered a flop.

All you have to do is look at the recent South Park, Simpsons and Family Guy episodes which have succumbed to HD Graphics and poor script and story lines.

The same can be said about the WWE, ever since they lost that grainy, dull look which appealed to the more appropriate and loud crowds that we all miss so dearly, the WWE started to lose its TV Audience as well as its reputation as MTV era sensation.

When Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit died, a lot of things changed that rocked the very foundation of the sport.

Chair shots to the head stopped, blading to the face stopped and abusive language came to a complete stop. It was like taking the heart and soul out of Eric Cartman and replacing it with a Kyle or Stan like figure; it just does not work.

I mean, how long does one have to wait to find out who the RAW GM is?

A storyline like this that would've taken a mere few months back in the day, now it's approaching to near a year of Michael Cole and his laptop making announcements.

They've left us with no clues and have done nothing to keep us in the loop. They might as well make God or the Internet the Mystery Raw GM. I don’t think anyone cares anymore to be honest.

Up-and-coming stars like Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Cody Rhodes etc., are nothing more than envelope pushers who are just there to fill the card. People need to realize that they need to be high, prolific Mid-Carders and that not everyone can be a John Cena or a Randy Orton.

The WWE did the right thing with The Miz, they made him a singles star to a tag sensation then they gradually turned him into a surprisingly entertaining WWE Champion.

This is what they should have being doing with guys like Khali, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio etc. but instead, they gave them the Brock Lesnar guide to becoming a star in one year.


Because the WWE are desperate and they don’t have the arsenal of superstars that they once had who came in and made Mid-Carders Champions.

The Rock is a part-time wrestler, Austin is still confused as to whether or not he wants to do one more match, Undertaker is strictly used for Wrestlemania, Kane and Big Show are Gap Fillers, Kurt Angle is in TNA, HHH is getting his degree in backstage politics, HBK has retired, Booker T is announcing, Jericho is on the “verge” of returning and so on and so forth.

So at the present, the only true veterans, if you would, on hand are Cena, who they will never let lose cleanly, Orton, who they feel can’t do anything else besides be in the WWE title picture, and Rey Mysterio, who apparently is about to hang up his mask in the coming months.

I feel that the WWE will be gone from our screens in about five years time. The ratings are dropping to a point where they are on par with WWE Superstars.

The matches are stale lackluster and repetitive. The Divas are nothing more than two-minute match makers, and the Tag Team Division is being dominated by two men who have held more gold then both rosters combined, yet they are still given the titles.

Do you think the WWE will end up like WCW, or in the coming years we will see a flurry of ratings, sales and magic that will bring the WWE back to its hay day?