Oakland Raiders: A Measure of Rushing Aggression in Selected Games

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIMay 20, 2011

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 19:  Darren McFadden #20 of the Oakland Raiders runs with the ball during their game against the Denver Broncos at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 19, 2010 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Are the Oakland Raiders getting more aggressive or not? If we use the rushing yards as a measure for 10 selected games, we just might be able to gain more insight.

Consider this table:

Name   Rushing YDS Date   Opponent
Kaufman, N. 227   Oct 19 1997 Broncos
Jackson B   221   Nov 30 1987 Seahawks
Daniels Clem 200   Oct 20 1963 Jets
Daniels Clem 187   Dec 9 1962 Oilers
Dixon Hewitt 187   Sept 29 1968 Oilers
Fargas Justin 179   Sept 30 2007 Miami
Bush Michael 177   Dec 28 2008 Tampa Bay
Allen Marcus 173   Nov 24 1985 Broncos
Daniels Clem 167   Oct 25 1964 Broncos
McFadden Darren 165   Oct 24 2010 Broncos
    227 maximum    
    165 minimum    

In this sample, the rushing yards exceed the average in 1963, and twice in 1997.

It seems that the '60s still stand out as remarkable years for the Oakland Raiders. Also, 1987 and 1997 stand out.

If we use the selected 10 years as a measure of aggression, then it looks like we need to encourage the Oakland Raiders to get more aggressive in 2011. More rushing yards means more aggression to some of us. Hopefully, those increased rushing yards will transform to "wins."

Let's just hope that what the Oakland Raiders and Darren McFadden did to the Denver Broncos on Oct. 24, 2010, they will do it to them again, and to others.

Go Raiders!