Dan Marino and the NFL's 10 Strongest-Armed QBs of All Time

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIMay 20, 2011

Dan Marino and the NFL's 10 Strongest-Armed QBs of All Time

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    Here we go again with the quarterback controversies.

    For some reason people go bonkers over quarterbacks and their stats, and more importantly their places in history.

    Heaven forbid you mention that you think your favorite quarterback is one of the best ever around the wrong person, because you might just find yourself in more than a verbal confrontation.

    Either way people do have a lot of fun discussing which quarterbacks are the best of all time.

    Instead of opening up that can of worms I wanted to focus on arm strength though.

    Arm Strength is not an integral part of quarterbacks make up, but it sure doesn’t hurt a guy’s chances of being good and it sure makes for an interesting debate.

    I know this will turn into the best ever debate too, because let’s be honest who are we kidding?

    Let it rip.

    I give you the NFL's 10 strongest-armed QBs of all-time:

10. Jack Kemp

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    Kemp went on to have a successful political career and actually ran for vice president, so I’m sure arm strength was the least of his worries.

    Kemp holds all kinds of passing records in the AFL record books, but as an NFL player there is no disputing the arm that he possessed.

9. Johnny Unitas

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    There is an actual award out there called the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award.

    Unitas is easily recognized as one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

    What I hear about the guy was that he had a rocket of an arm, but found a way to make it deadly accurate, all the while being innovative from the pocket.

    He would throw deeps balls that would just float right into the hands of the receiver.

8. Jim Kelly

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    When looking at Jim Kelly as a power passer you have to keep in mind that he had to fight the wind and elements of Buffalo.

    Kelly had one of the best deep balls in the league, and it is said that he could throw it with ease.

7. Doug Williams

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    Williams is best known as the quarterback for the legendary Washington Redskins Super Bowl team.

    I’m not sure how many people revere Williams for his arm strength, but I have heard a rumor that he could throw a football end zone to end zone.

    That’ll get you on this list no problem.

6. Jeff George

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    During his time in the NFL George displayed some uncanny arm strength that was even more impressive because he could do so much of it on the run.

    I haven’t heard much good said about his personality though, but I guess that is a moot point on this list.

5. Terry Bradshaw

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    Many people nowadays only see Terry Bradshaw as the goofball on TV on Sunday mornings.

    Fact is that he is one of the more prolific quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen.

    He also had cannon for an arm, and threw some pretty prolific deep balls in his day.

4. Jim Hart

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    Jim Harts passes were described as “leaving a vapor trail” behind them.

    Those are some very strong words about the former St. Louis Cardinals quarterback.

    He also completed a 98 yard pass in the air, which I believe is still a record that he holds.

3. John Elway

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    You may have heard of John Elway, but if not let me just say that he was a pretty good quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

    The one thing that Elway possessed that many of these bombers didn’t have much of was accuracy.

    Elway could throw a 70 yard pass down the field and get it right on the money.

2. Brett Favre

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    You don’t get a nickname like “the old gunslinger” for any good reason.

    Sure, it’s cold in Green Bay, but most quarterbacks didn’t actually break their receivers fingers when they threw them the ball.

    Brett Favre broke a lot of fingers.

    He threw with the same velocity on short routes as he did deep routes, which might not have been so smart, but you can never ever deny that Brett Favre had cannon.

1. Dan Marino

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    The biggest knock on the career of Dan Marino was that he never won a Super Bowl.

    As a quarterback he is known as one of the purest passers the game has seen, but he was apparently never given the adequate tools around him to make it all come together.

    He racked up records like it was no biggy, and I’ve heard it said that he had a “godlike” arm until his later years.

    Either way I think all of us can agree he may be one of the best NFL players to never win a Super Bowl.

    Either way he had a very powerful arm.

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