UFC News: Maiquel Falcao Plans to Return to the UFC in the Future

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMay 19, 2011

After earning a win over Gerald Harris in his debut at UFC 123, one would guess that Chute Boxe standout Maiquel Falcao would be on the rise in the UFC light heavyweight division, but it wasn't meant to be. 

After being scheduled to appear at UFC Rio this summer, Falcao heard the news that not only had he lost his spot on the card, but consequently he lost his job, too. Upon hearing the news from his trainer, Marcelo Brigadeiro, the Brazilian said he was determined to return to the organization. 

“I know they all liked me and they could tell I can fight anyone in my weight class. I don’t have any doubts that I’ll be back in UFC soon,” Falcao said to TATAME.com. 

An impressive, but controversial win for Falcao left a bad taste in UFC president Dana White's mouth. White was disinterested due to the lack of action that was put forth, particularly from Harris. The bout ultimately cost Harris his job. 

But despite picking up the victory, Falcao's past was brought up after learning of a lawsuit stemming from 2002 that saw Falcao get involved in an altercation at a nightclub in his hometown. The legal issues were enough to abruptly dismiss the Brazilian of his duties, which he said he was surprised upon hearing.

But Falcao said he can't do anything but accept the company's decision. 

"How can I be against the decision of the greatest event on earth and the most successful sportive organization in the world?" he said.

"It’s up to me to deal with it and work so that I come back and become a UFC champion."

Falcao said he was undecided on whether to still attend UFC Rio this summer, but for now, he intends to continue training and remain active.

"My plans are to keep training and winning," Falcao said regarding his future.

"My role is to be prepared to win and when he tell me what my next step is, I’ll be there to do my job."