The Rays Advance: So Much For Momentum

Tim CarySenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2008

I must admit, I didn't think it would happen.  First, let me clarify: having turned off Game Five long before Boston's "comeback for the ages", I don't claim to be an in-depth follower of the ALCS.

That said, seeing how drastically the momentum had shifted, I was ready to write the Tampa Bay Rays off going into tonight's Game Seven.  The seven run lead at Fenway couldn't have been more insurmountable, and the Rays managed to give that game away.  Tampa Bay gets to come home for Game Six to try and regain the upper hand, and drops a close one at home.

So now it's Game Seven...against one of baseball's powerhouse teams...a team the Rays felt like they should have put away by now...the cat with TEN lives, if you will.

Did you really think that the upstart Rays could get up off the mat and finish this series off?

I'll admit—I didn't.

Momentum's a big thing—tonight, the Rays are bigger.

Congratulations, Tampa Bay.

Ring those cowbells.

Next up, World Series.