Scott Speed Is Going Bull Riding

Horn FanSenior Writer IOctober 19, 2008

Either Scott Speed's got more energy than the average human being, or he loves living off of a adrenaline rush.

It seems that after surviving a weekend of double duty at the historic Martinsville Speedway, known for its beating and banging, he still wants more.

So he's heading to Dallas, Texas where, on Tuesday, he's learning how to bull ride.

But he's smart enough to learn from the best, four-time World Champion Bull Rider, Tuff Hedeman. He sure is excited by it. But he's crazy; I've been to enough Rodeo's to know the Bulls don't play nice.

Now I hope they show some footage of his adventure on the NCTS Setup or ESPN's Pre Race Show for Sprint Cup next weekend at Atlanta.

The picture below is of Tuff, on the baddest bull of them all—the one they call Bodacious.