Fantasy Baseball: Thursday News and Notes

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Fantasy Baseball: Thursday News and Notes
Thursday Notes

If Nick Swisher is going to get on track, it will be against Jeremy Guthrie. Swisher is hitting .481 with two home runs in 27 at-bats against him. Granderson and Gardner are both good to go. Granderson is at .333 in 15 at bats while Gardner is 5-for-9. Look to avoid the 1-for-18 of Mark Teixeira, but that is the toughest number you will see.

Only players to look to start for Baltimore would be Derrek Lee and Adam Jones against C.C. Sabathia. Lee is a .375 hitter in 16 at-bats against him while Jones is at .333 in 30. Otherwise, nothing good to report. Matt Wieters is 2-for-18 while Vlad Guerrero is only 3-for-20. Your other Orioles do not see much improvement on these numbers. Avoid where you can.

Buster Posey checks in at .421 in 19 at-bats against Chad Billingsley and he is not the only one with good numbers. Aaron Rowand has hit .348 in 23 at-bats while Nate Schierholtz is a .429 hitter in 14. Even Miguel Tejada looks good here. Avoid Andres Torres, Pat Burrell, Aubrey Huff, and Freddy Sanchez. All are at .235 or below.

Outside of Paul Konerko's 6-for-13, nothing good to report for the White Sox against Fausto Carmona. Alex Rios is 3-for-20 while both Alexei Ramirez and Adam Dunn are 2-for-11. Carmona was racked by the White Sox earlier this season for 10 runs in three innings, but is 6-1 against them in his last seven starts. Chalk that one up to a bad day.

While it might be B.J. Upton's year, it will be put to the test against Ricky Romero. Upton has only one hit in 14 at-bats against the Toronto pitcher. Ben Zobrist, though, is 7-for-15 while Johnny Damon is not only 6-for-10 but also has drawn six walks. Romero struck out 10 in seven innings while allowing two runs in a loss to Tampa earlier this year. Romero has been good at home, posting a 3.36 ERA dating back to the start of last season with an 8.4 K/9 ratio.

Franklin Gutierrez is slowly making his way back from a stomach ailment, but this would be a good night for him to get off. Gutierrez is just 1-for-9 against Dan Haren. Jack Wilson checks in at 1-for-12. Chone Figgins and Ichiro are at .271 and .276 respectively with each holding better than 25 at-bats. Adam Kennedy and Brendan Ryan are the only regulars with better than a .300 average against Haren.

Gavin Floyd has been moved up a day and will pitch on Thursday against Cleveland. Shin-Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera have had the best success against him. Choo is 6-for-14 while Cabrera is 4-for-9. Look to avoid the 1-for-11 of Travis Hafner. While Floyd is 4-2 in his last seven starts against the Indians, he has a 5.87 ERA in that stretch.

Carlos Beltran is a .324 hitter in 34 at-bats and has added two home runs against Livan Hernandez. Jose Reyes is a .286 hitter in 56 trips to the plate. Look to avoid the 3-for-17 of Jason Bay and note that Willie Harris is hitless in 13 at-bats.

Only two major pieces to note against Justin Verlander. Odds are Carl Crawford will be in the lineup against him given that he is 8-for-23 against the Detroit starter. Good number for Kevin Youkilis as well at .357 in 14 at-bats. David Ortiz is a .250 hitter in 12 at-bats. Otherwise, given the pitcher we are talking about, avoid your fringe Red Sox starters.

Spot Starts: Carmona, Harang, McClellan

Friday Notes

Roy Halladay has faced enough of the Rangers to make note here. Adrian Beltre is the only one who has really struggled. In 27 at-bats, he is just a .185 htter. No concerns surrounding Mike Napoli, Endy Chavez, and Ian Kinsler. All three are hitting better than .300 against Halladay. Michael Young checks in at .279 in 43 at-bats. David Murphy has just eight at-bats, but is a .500 hitter against Halladay.

Adam Dunn is only 2-for-12 against Ted Lilly, and the rest of the White Sox have not seen much success either. Omar Vizquel is 2-for-18 while Paul Konerko is just a .250 hitter in 24 at-bats. The best option available is Juan Pierre who is at .357 in 14 at-bats.

The Cubs will make a trip to Fenway Park this weekend and draw the lefty Jon Lester at the outset. As a team, the Cubs are hitting .296 against lefties and are led by Darwin Barney, who is at .379 in 29 at-bats against lefties. Starlin Castro is a .341 hitter and Alfonso Soriano is a .344 hitter, though he has struggled against everyone lately. Look to avoid Tyler Colvin and Carlos Pena, who are a combined 3-for-32 against lefties.

Jeff Francis has kept Lance Berkman to a 1-for-10 number dating back to Francis' days with Colorado. Yadier Molina has struggled as well at just 2-for-15. Albert Pujols should be alright here as he hits .286 in 14 at-bats but does not have a home run. No other major numbers to speak of, but Francis would not scare me away from starting my Cardinals.

Cameron Maybin (if ready to go) and Chris Denorfia should be good starts against the lefty Erik Bedard. Maybin is hitting .455 in 33 at-bats against lefties while Denorfia is at .367 in 30.  Brad Hawpe has been given the starts against righties, but he rides the bench against lefties. Look to avoid Ryan Ludwick and Jason Bartlett as well. Bartlett is at .229 in 35 at-bats with Ludwick at .233 in 30.

Spot Starts: Marquis, Duensing

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