AP Polls: Once Again Texas Tech Gets The Shaft

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

The one thing that seriously pisses me off are the AP polls. They in no way make any sense and screw every decent team out of their deserved rankings.Whoever made up the points system should be kicked by Chuck Norris in the balls. But now let me make my point about Texas Tech.

I know most people are saying something like they have not played anybody yet and the one thing anyone would remember is that they almost lost to Nebraska. Now the keyword is ALMOST. Unless it is official it should not matter.

This weeks polls puts Tech DOWN one spot to No.8. There are currently only eight teams that are undefeated in the top 25. Texas, Bama, and Penn ST. are all undefeated and are one,two and three.  Now these three teams, respectively, deserve these spots. Honestly the teams I have a problem with are Florida, USC, and Oklahoma. More importantly Florida.

Oklahoma is reasonable because they lost to Texas and well Texas is a beast team. Florida lost to Ole Miss. Now let me repeat that FLORIDA LOST TO OLE MISS.

A team that is 3-4 beat a powerhouse like Florida. A team that has lost to Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Alabama. I don't have anything against Florida but why are they in they in the top five.  

USC lost to Oregon St. Oregon State is 4-3, having lost to STANFORD, Utah, and Penn St.

I cant even begin to imagine how these rankings work.  What do you guys think?