WWE News: Did CM Punk Steal His Move-Set from a Japanese Star?

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 19, 2011

CM Punk has been a hot-button topic as of late. Most articles have been about his possible departure from the WWE. For those of you who have missed those articles, apparently Punk and the WWE are not seeing eye-to-eye in regards to Punk's name.

The WWE wants to trademark it while Punk does not want to give that up, as it is his brand that he's wrestled under for years.

Now onto my article.

Apparently KENTA, a Japanese wrestler that works for NOAH, is claiming that Punk stole his move-set. In an interview with The Daily Star, KENTA stated, “Please list him on the wanted list as he stole my move.”

Apparently, Punk has been a big fan of KENTA and has studied his wrestling for years. Which has led him to utilize some of his moves—one of which is Punk's finisher the "Go To Sleep." (You can see a clip comparing the two here.)

This debate has been ongoing among hardcore wrestling fans and now it has come to light as KENTA has noticed the similarities. Hopefully, Punk will have some sort of retort as many WWE wrestlers have been accused of stealing other wrestlers' finishers.

The most recent was Michelle McCool using AJ Styles' finisher.

If it is true that Punk is just a huge fan and this is a tribute to KENTA, it may not be a big deal. However, out of respect, Punk should have reached out to see if KENTA was cool with it.