Agudelo to AS Roma Donovan to Club America and Del Piero to the Galaxy.

Carlos G Giron@@carlosgironnycContributor IIIMay 19, 2011
Colombian-American young start Juan Agudelo could to AS Roma
Landon Donovan set to land in Italy or Mexico City 
Alessandro Piero to retire with the Los Angeles Galaxy

Juan Agudelo of New York Red Bull could be acquired by AS Roma

By Carlos Giron

New York, NY (May 18, 2011) - The rumor mill is spinning wildly around Major League Soccer.

The American investors who recently purchased AS Roma are reportedly eager to add an American star player to the “Yellow-Reds” to play alongside living legend, Francesco Totti, the club’s current captain. There is talk that Red Sox minority owner Thomas DiBenedetto is pushing to acquire ’s all-around best player, Landon Donovan, of the LA Galaxy, a move that could generate an estimated $14 million transfer fee for MLS.

News reports indicate that if established American stars like Donovan prove to be a bit too expensive, AS Roma will turn its focus on young and emerging American stars with much promise, like 18 year-old Colombian-American star forward Juan Agudelo of Red Bull New York.

Donovan’s name is also being mentioned repeatedly in ’s Primera Division circles. Various news outlets, including ESPN Deportes, are reporting that Club America is seriously considering making an offer for the 29-year old American star, the national team’s all-time leading scorer with 45 goals.

There is also a rumor “in reverse,” an Italian star coming to . Living legend, Alessandro Del Piero, Juventus FC's most celebrated striker of the last few decades, is reportedly interested in playing for the LA Galaxy. If all the 36 year-old star is interested in is collecting a few more paydays and semi-retirement in sunny South California, he is in for a big surprise. The expectations will be high, Mr. Del Piero! If you don't believe it, ask David Beckham!
“In ? That could be a possibility,” Del Piero is quoted in the Italian press. “It’s a country that I do like. I could also take advantage of such an opportunity by going to watch the LA Lakers play…” (Alessandro surely missed this year’s NBA playoffs and did not watch the Lakers get trashed by the Dallas Mavericks! Not much to watch anymore, Alessandro!).

Dominican youngster wins “Sueño MLS” 2011 competition presented by Allstate.

Proving that soccer is global appeal, MLS recently announced that 18 year-old forward Birnes Adames won the “Sueño MLS” 2011 field player search. His triumph earned him an invitation to join one of the Philadelphia Union's Academy teams as his home town of Camden, N.J., falls within that region.

Adames, born in , was one of 1,200 aspiring players that competed in regional tryouts in , and . The is a nation renowned for its ability to produce world class baseball players. But as we can see, the country is also home to first class native soccer talent.

Sixteen year-old Anthony Hall from , beat out two other finalists to win the Allstate "Good Hands" top goalkeeper designation.