Boston Almost Missed the Tyler Seguin Train and Find the Answer Just in Time

Eric Campbell@@ecampbell04Contributor IMay 19, 2011

Tyler Seguin is playing like a seasoned vet on the big stage
Tyler Seguin is playing like a seasoned vet on the big stageBruce Bennett/Getty Images

When the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs started, Tyler Seguin was not on the Boston Bruins active roster—a decision that didn't receive too much scrutiny at the time.

Bruins fans were able to believe the 19 year old phenom who struggled during the end of the regular season was not ready for games at such a high level, and were willing to only see his presence if there was an injury to the starting roster.

The Bruins struggled through a seven game series with the Montreal Canadiens with a virtually useless powerplay. They would then go on to sweep the once feared Philadelphia Flyers, shedding some demons in the process.

The conclusion of the series was bittersweet for the Bruins, however, when they lost a vital piece to their fragile offense, with Patrice Bergeron being leveled by Claude Giroux, leaving Bergeron with a mild concussion.

The Hub of Hockey has seen enough concussions in the past to know Bergeron would not be ready to return in time for the start of the next series against the Tampa Bay Lightning or if he would even be able return at all.

It was then that the Tyler Seguin Train pulled into the Bruins station.

While losing Patrice Bergeron to a concussion was far from the ideal circumstances for Seguin to get on the ice, it ended up being what the rookie needed to be heard.

Seguin made his presence known early, scoring a goal and an assist in the first game of the series; a goal where Seguin undressed the defense and buried the puck past the Lightnings' veteran goaltender, in a play that Bruins fans are not accustomed to seeing.

Still, Seguin didn't even see 10 minutes on the ice.

In Game 2, the prodigy lit the Garden on fire. He pouched two more of the most impressive goals of  the entire playoffs, to go along with two more assists. He would end the night with a +3 and 13:31 on the ice.

All aboard the Seguin Train!

Seguin's regular season struggles can be blamed on lack of ice time to go along with head coach Claude Julien's line pairing. But now that the Bruins have finally made it back to the Eastern Conference Finals, Seguin's raw talent can no longer be overlooked. 

The Bruins are hopeful Patrice Bergeron will be able to return for Game 3 at Tampa Bay, and if he does, it's safe to say Tyler Seguin will not be the one getting scratched.

Seguin is currently the Bruins most lethal scoring threat; and now that Bruins fans have had a taste of his talent, he will be finding a lot more ice time for the rest of the Bruins playoff life.