Money in the Tank: The 10 Worst NBA Free Agents Ever

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2011

Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Pau Gasol all top the list of constantly cycling NBA free agent rumors.

While money talks, actions usually speak louder than words. Just because you signed a contract doesn’t mean you’re in for smooth sailing and relaxation. You’re getting paid as much as you are because you’re good at what you do—not because you look pretty.

Getting ahead is all about staying ahead and if you don’t live up to your potential then your paycheck, public image and reputation are at stake. That means the visions of grandeur most NBA players are prone to become harsh visions of reality.

Falling behind due to injuries is one thing but when you only play 41 percent of games during your contract—like Grant Hill did with Orlando Magic—you’re definitely a money sink. 

When Milwaukee payed Vin Baker $38 million per playoff game, they were not exactly expecting him to get drunk and fall out of shape.

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