Front Office Woes: David Kahn's Wrath Is Destroying the Minnesota Timberwolves

Timber WolfAnalyst IIMay 19, 2011


First off, let me be clear on what exactly it is that your about to read. Your about to read about arguably the worst GM in basketball history.

Regardless of what trade that Kahn has pulled, which rookie he has drafted, it has become painfully clear that David Kahn is a madman on the loose. On NBA lottery day, David Kahn had some interesting comments regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the lottery and the Wolves slipping to No. 2.

“This league has a habit, and I am just going to say habit, of producing some pretty incredible storylines,” Kahn said, while smiling, on Tuesday.

“Last year it was Abe Pollin’s widow and this year it was a 14-year-old boy and the only thing we have in common is we have both been bar mitzvahed. We were done. I told (Utah executive) Kevin (O'Connor): ‘We’re toast.’ This is not happening for us, and I was right.”

My opinion on this quote really does not matter, but I'm going to make it known anyways. This quote is dead on the money. Quite frankly, any fan that has seen their team holding a lottery pick with a high expectation to win it; only to come up and fail multiple times would think the same thing. They would probably, if they could, go on a nationwide televised show and say it.

In the emotion of the Wolves losing the lottery once again, I thought that this quote is probably the best that a person can make known.

The problem is?

The man is the POBO of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Hoorah! I don't know whether anyone doubts that David Kahn has a high I.Q., but it has become very apparent that he clearly doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing.

Kahn has made numerous statements over the last two years regarding the league and the Minnesota Timberwolves, and his arrogance has gotten the best of him.

To be arrogant and to be politically correct is one thing, alas Charles Barkley. In my opinion, with intelligence comes some form of arrogance, yet Kahn continues to stab himself in the foot. I mean literally stab himself in the foot.

Kahn ceased to be ESPN's poster boy of ridiculization for a few months, and as soon as you think things can't get any worse, he makes another insane statement. How about making an insane statement in regards to what you said before? Is he really aware as to what he's saying?

If people were to pay as much attention to their ears; to their mouth, the world would be a whole lot better off.

What's next? Thinking back on the past two years, nearly everything that comes out of Kahn's mouth has been maddening, and we haven't even talked about what it is that he has done! As in action! We're talking about what he has said!

I don't doubt that the Wolves have the most talent that they have had in the last three years, they do, after all, have an all-star. In that respect, kudos to Kevin Love, not Kahn. 

From interviews and various press conferences, Kahn has slowly but surely started to check off everything on the "don't do" list. How can you say "no more rebuilding," but then say the Wolves need "fine tuning?"

The Lakers need some fine tuning, the Wolves need some new parts; if we're to use the car analogy. How can you even begin to say things like "the league likes our talent," but I'm willing to bet that 95 percent of them wouldn't switch rosters.

Michael Beasley smoking weed? Yes, he really said that Michael Beasley "smoked too much pot."

Since when did your personal buddy-buddy relationship with Kurt Rambis become "professional?" Darko goes from being manna from heaven to "a player." Then it comes out from Rambis that Kahn is too harsh on the players?

When I say Kahn is a bad GM, I am wrong. He's a horrible GM. Understand that the media, regardless of how you say something, will find a negative in anything. Any controversy is good for writers.

Believe Allen Iverson when he says, "The world feasts off of negativity."

Writing out a sentence that's allowed to sit plain on it's face is much different than someone actually hearing your tone of voice and facial expression. I know that the average human knows this, let alone a basketball GM. Regardless of whether you thought the situation concerning the 2011 lottery winner was funny or humiliating, this is not something you want out of your POBO.

This is definitely something you don't want out of Kahn, the POBO of the worst team in the league. It's already a spit in the face to have a team win 32 games in two seasons. Kahn simply adds fuel and spit to the third-degree burn.

I'm not sure if Kahn is a GM or an idiot. Looking at the Wolves situation with Kahn without any emotions attached, and I'd say that he's a really an incompetent guy. What does that say about your franchise? Birds of a feather?

Well, if your GM is a idiot, then he makes idiotic decisions that ultimately drives the franchise into the ground. Stupid is as stupid does.

A great comedy act is judged by how funny the material is. A great sports team is judged by how great that team and it's staff are. The Wolves, are being judged on how great the team is and how great the front office is. Need I say more?

It has been terrible to endure watching a franchise go down to the gates of hell with such great fans. I think some time and reflex is in order as far as with the ownership situation, but one thing is painfully clear, Kahn must be let go.

Glen Taylor. If you cannot see this as well as I do, then you needs to sell the franchise. For our sake, sell it to someone that will keep it in Minnesota.

Like I said, as a fan of the whole NBA, I loved the comment by Kahn. It was very honest and, quite frankly, it needed to be said. As a fan of the Timberwolves, that should be the final straw. This should not be allowed to continue, and as the fans have always been brutally honest, fire David Kahn.

I can be called a hypocrite regarding the statement that Kahn said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. With that being said,  I know that many lottery team outside of the Wolves that have had the lottery curses that the Wolves have had would agree that Kahn's comment were magnificent. Ask a Wolves fan and it's just pouring salt in the wound.

I have some problems with the roster of course, but the core is almost set up for the franchise to move in the right direction. But it's sad to think that the Wolves, no matter how much talent they get, won't move in the right direction due to an idiot GM.


Thanks for reading!


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