TNA: Looking at Modern Day X Division Athletes

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 18, 2011

TNA: Looking at Modern Day X Division Athletes

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    I’ve been talking to James Curran recently about some X Division athletes.

    We’ve been going back and forth on guys who represent "the voice" of the division and guys who are purebred X Division athletes based on the amazing spots/moves they pull off.

    Here, I’m going to take a look at every current X Division wrestler.

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    First and foremost, I believe I should look at the current X Division Champion, Kazarian.

    Kazarian is in the middle of his fifth reign as X Division Champion. He has been great when it comes to putting the title up for grabs. He successfully defended the belt against Robbie E at Against All Odds. Then at Victory Road he retained the belt in a Four-Way Ultimate X match including Robbie E, Max Buck and Jeremy Buck.

    Most recently, Kazarian defeated Max Buck at Sacrifice to retain the championship.

    Kazarian is an X Division pioneer, but I feel like he should be called up to something bigger. Something like the TV Title or even the World Title. Kazarian is enjoying a long five-month reign and I’m loving it. He’s one of my favorite wrestlers today, but after he drops the title he needs to move up on the card.

Max Buck

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    The former No. 1 contender to Kazarian’s belt, Max Buck.

    Buck is one of those purebred X Division stars. He flies around the ring and really pushes TNA’s motto of “no limits.” He has been on a winning streak since Sacrifice. The biggest win of his singles career came when he defeated eight other guys at Lockdown to earn his No. 1 contender spot.

    I was impressed with the match he had at Sacrifice. I thought Max had Kazarian beat on several spots. Max hit Kazarian with a powerbomb into a turnbuckle followed by his finishing move for only a two-count. Max followed up with a 450 Splash for another near fall.

    Max Buck is a future star in the X Division and can be a multi-time champion if given a chance. James and I believe Max to be one of the top X Division stars right now.

Robbie E

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    The fist pumper from The Shore.

    Right now I see Robbie E as the third most popular X Division star. Robbie has been involved in X Division matches every pay-per-view since Against All Odds; granted, he lost every time he wrestled.

    Robbie lost at Against All Odds, Victory Road, Lockdown and Sacrifice. Even though he lost, I think his stock rose by always making it on the card.

    Robbie is a former X Division Champion and doesn’t fit the description of an ideal X Division wrestler. Robbie doesn’t do high flying stunts. Robbie is what Douglas Williams and Samoa Joe were to the X Division. A man bigger than all X Division guys who wrestles his type of match. I like Robbie E.

Brian Kendrick

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    Kendrick recently established himself as the voice of the X Division. He and several others are pissed off because they get no TV time. Kendrick was the most vocal when some X Division athletes confronted Bischoff. Where’d that get Kendrick?

    A match at Sacrifice, which he won.

    Kendrick isn’t exactly a high-flying type wrestler. Kendrick is a brawler compared to other X Division stars. His style is different and unique. He charges guys into the corner and works them over with punches and kicks. He doesn’t do too many flashy moves.

    With BK now rising as the voice of the X Division, I see a bright future ahead of him.


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    TNA’s masked man of mystery. Suicide is a former X Division Champion and several people wrestled under his mask. Wrestlers such as Daniels, Kazarian and Kiyoshi all graced the ring under the Suicide gimmick. Suicide is one of my favorite X Division guys and his attire is really cool looking. To me, he has the best mask in wrestling today.

    Suicide is tangled up in a mini-feud with TNA newcomer, Sangriento. The two had back-to-back matches on iMPACT!, which means a lot right now because of Hogan and Bischoff’s dislike for the X Division. Both matches were close but ended with Suicide in defeat.

    This feud with Sangriento is the only thing Suicide has going right now. Suicide is one of the more powerful or strong X Division guys. He, like Kendrick, is a brawler. Unlike Kendrick, he hits with his hands most of the time. Suicide beats on opponents in the corner and his finisher, The Suicide Solution, will put anyone away.


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    TNA’s newest acquisition has wrestled only two matches—both were Ws for him.

    Sangriento is billed from Mexico and is a top-notch X Division wrestler. His huricanrannas flow perfectly and his kicks are on point. He is a speedy guy and loves to go for his huricanrannas on wrestlers.

    Sangriento’s high-flying tactics get him over with fans and his finisher is great.

Jeremy Buck

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    Jeremy is a spitting image of his brother Max. Both wrestle similar styles and are great additions to the X Division. Jeremy has been on a massive losing streak. I can’t remember the last time this guy won a match.

    Generation Me has a lot in common with the old Hardy Boyz. Both look alike and wrestle similar ways. Max is the Matt Hardy and Jeremy is the Jeff Hardy (before all of his issues).

    Am I saying that Jeremy will become a World Champion like Jeff? No. I’m saying that both men were the dare devil of their tag teams.

    If you watch some old Generation Me videos, you’ll see Jeremy doing most of the high-flying spots. One of Gen Me’s double team moves has Max slingshot Jeremy off the ropes and moonsault on competitors outside the ring. Jeremy can be a real asset if given TV time and maybe even better than his brother Max.

Amazing Red

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    Amazing Red is the X Division. “Mr. X Division.”

    Red is the fastest, most innovative X Division wrestler in TNA. With his move-set he can strike from anywhere.

    Red is an amazing (pun intended) asset to the X Division and it’s too bad Amazing Red isn’t on iMPACT! every week.

Chris Sabin

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    Sabin is another incredible X Division star. Sabin holds the record for most combined days as X Division Champion. He damn sure earned it.

    In the early days of TNA, Sabin was the whole f’n show. His matches with AJ Styles and others were amazing and all of Sabin’s title reigns were long, healthy reigns.

    Sabin can defy the laws of gravity during some of his matches. Watch this short clip of a match he had with AJ Styles in September of 2009.


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    A great match. I couldn't find the whole thing, though.

    Make Sabin a No. 1 contender to the World title!

Awesome Reversal

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    One more Sabin video...

    Just like the Matrix.

Alex Shelley

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    The other half to the Motorcity Machine Guns.

    Shelley is a fan favorite and has only been X Division Champion once. He and Sabin make up one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling today. I'm now thinking of what would happen if MCMG split...

    Shelley is quick in the ring but injury prone.

    Thanks for reading!

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