Week 7 NFL Predictions

Michael GlaessnerCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

What a week its been in Dallas! First, the Cowboys lose in overtime to the Cardinals on a blocked punt that was recovered for the winning touchdown. Then Adam "Pacman" Jones decided to fight one of his own bouncers while going on a bender, earning him a four week suspension and further endangering his NFL career, one in which he's shown flashes of brilliance checkered with a large history of police blotter. Finally, Jerry rolls the dice and trades a first, third, and sixth round draft choice to the Detroit Lions for Roy Williams, a move the Cowboys hope can push them over the top and into the Super Bowl. Finally, there's the drama of Tony Romo's broken pinkie and whether or not he'll play against the Rams. It appears Brett Favre had a thing or two to say to Romo, we'll see if he follows Favre's advice and toughs it out, or if the Cowboys decide to protect their franchise QB against a sad-sack team.

Tennessee at Kansas City

Line: Titans by 9

At some point, having Kerry Collins at QB has to catch up with you. I see a trend in that the Titans run for fewer and fewer yards every week. It's an ominous sign that teams are using more and more eight-in-the-box defenses, forcing Collins to throw. I'd take Tennessee, but I don't trust their offense. Titans 13, Chiefs 6

San Diego at Buffalo

Line: Bills by 1

If the Bills truly are a real-deal contender (which I think they are) they win this game at home with Edwards returning to the lineup and spreading the ball at will. San Diego is a talented team, unquestionably, but they're also a very unpredictable team. Until I see a better road effort from them, I'll side with Buffalo in this game. Bills 27, Chargers 24

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Line: Steelers by 9.5

The Bengals aren't getting blown out much, but they're simply not winning. They can't establish a running game, leading to a one-dimensional offense, and now with their starter Carson Palmer out, they have a Harvard QB running the offense. Steelers 21, Bengals 13

Baltimore at Miami

Line: Dolphins by 3

The Dolphins are alive and well as one of the NFL's most improved teams. If not for a 4th quarter miracle comeback, this team would be over the .500 mark. After showing flashes of brilliance the first two weeks of the season, Joe Flacco has regressed and the entire offense is suffering with him. Dolphins 20, Ravens 13

Dallas at St. Louis

Line: Cowboys by 7

Dallas will put aside all distractions and focus on the W this week. 39-year-old Brad Johnson isn't the long term solution at QB, but for one week, he can manage the game and if he has the itch to throw, he has TO, Roy Williams and Jason Witten to choose from. Cowboys 27, Rams 13

Minnesota at Chicago

Line: Bears by 3

You don't think Chicago was watching hours and hours of film of AD burning them in Soldier Field for over 200 yards? This team has too much pride to let that happen again and my guess is they put the clamps on him since the Vikings still don't have much of a passing game. Bears 17, Vikings 10

New Orleans at Carolina

Line: Panthers by 3

The Panthers laid an egg against the Bucs, much to my dismay, but nonetheless remain in a first place tie. My guess is it's back to business for the Cardiac Cats as they best the Saints in a shootout of epic proportions. Panthers 35, Saints 31

San Francisco at New York Giants

Line: Giants by 10.5

We saw a glimpse of the bad Eli for the first time last week, but maybe what the Giants needed was a good ass-kicking. After their miracle playoff run last season and their 4-0 start this year, maybe they got a little bigheaded, in which case a good hard week of practice will humble them back into playing good ol' fashioned Giants football. Giants 30, 49ers 10

Detroit at Houston

Line: Texans by 9.5

Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of the end zone clinches the title as the season's most retarded play. He kept running back and back after getting pressure and a good three seconds later, he finally realized he had run out of bounds for a safety. Good thing that wasn't Mario Williams chasing him, he's so fast, Orlovsky wouldn't even have time to make it to the back-line. Texans 20, Lions 14

New York Jets at Oakland

Line: Jets by 3

Jets fans! Gotta love em! I was riding home from the city, and the train stalled somewhere between Secaucas and Newark. During the delay, a group of citygoers started chanting J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Random chants are a lot cooler than a bunch of face-painted Hells Angels-wannabe freaks who really just look like a bunch of Boy Georges. And I'm just talking about the smart Raider fans. Seriously, just run Heidi after the 3rd quarter, no real reason to watch this. Jets 28, Raiders 10

Cleveland at Washington

Line: Redskins by 7.5

Washington did play well in four of the first five weeks before crapping the bed against the Rams. Cleveland appears to have finally gotten its offense together, as they clicked against the Giants with Derek Anderson finally having a good game for the first time all year. On a funnier note, I was joking with my buddy about Kellen Winslow having an STD a week before hearing he actually had enlarged testicles. OK, I'm gonna get off his nuts, enough strippers are on there already. Redskins 24, Browns 20

Indianapolis at Green Bay

Line: Colts by 1

Lambeau's lost the aura, the Packers' D has gotten soft, and if Indy's offense clicks like it did last week, they're once again a contender in the division. Colts 27, Packers 17

Seattle at Tampa Bay

Line: Buccaneers by 10.5

Tampa is getting better every week and Seattle has been just plain brutal all year. With the continued injury problems, its difficult imagining how they're going to keep the game close in Tampa. Buccaneers 23, Seahawks 3

Denver at New England

Line: Patriots by 3

Shanahan owns Belicheck career-wise. Look it up. He almost beat New England with a 3rd string QB four years ago. New England had Tom Brady then. Denver's D isn't as good as it was when they whipped the Pats, but New England's O can't exploit anyone. Broncos 24, Patriots 14

Week 6 vs spread 7-7

Week 6 Straight up 7-7

Season vs spread 52-35-1

Season Straight up 52-36