MMA Knockout of the Day: Tsuyoshi Kurihara Nailed by a Knee from Gegard Mousasi

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IMay 17, 2011

In a light heavyweight bout between Gegard Mousasi and Tsuyoshi Kurihara, it only took 10 seconds for this knockout to occur.

Mousasi is a devastating striker, and in only his 11th career bout, he helped prove it even more.

In the beginning Kurihara comes in strong and gets within close range of Mousasi. Then, Mousasi ends up turning the tides and gets a couple good strikes in and lands a beautiful knee to the dome of Kurihara.

Kurihara quickly drops to the mat and Mousasi gets another shot or two in before the ref finally stops the fight, only ten seconds into the match.

This bout started a string of knockouts for Mousasi. In Mousasi's next two fights, he would earn a knockout victory within the first minute of the fight. Mousasi is currently 30-3-2 in his MMA career coming off a heavily criticized draw with Keith Jardine.

Mousasi most recently won the Dream light heavyweight title and is the former holder of Strikeforce's light heavyweight title. A scary thought considering Mousasi is only 25 years old and still becoming a better fighter.

Since the knockout in December of 2005, Kurihara has won four straight bouts with his most recent win coming in March of last year. Kurihara spent four years away from the sport of MMA between 2006 and 2010. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the reason to his absence from MMA.