Joba Jailed

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2008

Joba "Justin" Chamberlain was arrested in Nebraska for DUI. My first reaction was "Nebraska's a state?" but that's an inside joke, so you probably won't get that unless you're Dachs. And if I had any journalistic integrity, I wouldn't write it in the first place. Whoops, too late.

Anyway, this sucks, because Joba's got this whole heartwarming story behind him, with his father's sickness and whatnot, and this tarnishes his golden image. But then, after thinking about it for like seven seconds, I realized, who cares? It's a DUI. He didn't hurt anybody. He was speeding, got pulled over, and OH SNAP he was drunk! Hell, even senators pull off that kind of crap. It's not that big a deal.

The guy's in his early 20s. He likes to have a drink every now and then. He's not David Wells, he's not Chris Henry, and he's not O.J. Simpson. He did something irresponsible, no doubt about it, but this is just a minor situation.

I'm sure you'll have your sports people who'll chastise Joba, saying he's not the guy we thought he was, he's a troublemaker, we should have seen this coming after his fist-pump shenanigans. But this is really the kind of thing that should be glossed over and forgotten about pretty quickly.

Sucks for Joba, good thing it didn't happen midseason, I'm sure it'll be brought up again before the season starts, but it won't be any sort of impediment.

So, if it's not a big deal, why am I writing this whole post about it? Good question. I'm gonna stop now.