WWE: Why Drew McIntyre and Zack Ryder Will Not Be "Future Endeavored"

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 18, 2011

Hello Bleachers.

It is that time of the year again, it is time for the "future endeavored" slips to be handed out. Within the next week or so many superstars will find themselves out of a job. For some superstars, now is the time to be nervous.

For example, The Usos should be very concerned about their current situation. The WWE is moving away from Tag Team wrestling and neither if the Uso's can be singles competitors.

But this is not an article where I will discuss who will be fired. Instead I am going to talk about two superstars who are safe from the chopping block; Drew McIntyre and Zack Ryder.

When it comes to the WWE there is a very fine line between superstar and jobber. When a wrestler is given the chance to make it big they better make the most of it. Otherwise, they will be pushed back down the ranks and be forced to start all over (Sheamus and Jack Swagger). Some guys and girls just do not have what it takes to make it big in this business, others are simply not given the chance.

This is where Drew McIntyre and Zack Ryder come in.

Drew McIntyre was pushed very early in his career. By being selected as Mr.McMahon's "Chosen One," going undefeated in singles competition his first six months and taking on The Undertaker, Drew was put in a tough spot to get over or bust.

I feel as though he was pushed too soon. The same thing goes for Jack Swagger and Sheamus. All three of these guys can be utilized much better than they are currently being used. To set McIntyre apart from the crowd the WWE Creative needs to give him an edge.

Drew has been getting a little more aggressive as of late. This past week on WWE Superstars, he put Chris Masters in a very nice figure four leg lock on the ring post. Little things like that will make him get noticed.

Have him get disqualified for ignoring the refs five count make him go crazy in the ring or dare I say it....PUT HIM IN AN ANGLE!!!! How can you expect someone to get oer if you never involve him in any regular storylines?

This is where Zack Ryder comes in. Zack Ryder has gotten over with the fans in his own, unique way. Ryder has his own Internet Show, and guess what? People are watching it. Not only are they watching it but they like it and they like Ryder.

See, the WWE for whatever reason, does not want to recognize Ryder's new found face reaction and following. All the WWE needs to so is turn Ryder face and involve him in a storyline.

Just like McIntyre, Ryder can not get anywhere because he is not given the chance. At least when Drew losses he losses while putting up a fight (see his match on superstars against Chris Masters). Ryder, on the other hand, is buried almost all the time.

And when Ryder is featured on Raw he is reduced to fist bumping in the background of John Cena's walk down the hallway. Seriously Bro?

All of these reasons are why guys like Drew McIntyre and Zack Ryder will be safe. See, it is not always the superstars who can't get over or can't perform. Sometimes, it is the WWE who is causing the problems for the superstars.

Look at Sheamus for an example.

On Raw, Sheamus went through a LONG losing streak. He went through it because the WWE wanted him to. Once they decided to change that he became United States Champion. But if a new fan of the WWE turned on the TV back when he was losing they would have thought that Sheamus was awful and should be let go.

But there was nothing wrong with Sheamus, just like there is nothing wrong with McIntyre or Ryder. Yes, they may not be the best superstars right now and they might not be winning all their matches, but guess what?

It doesn't matter what they are currently going through because the WWE should know that they are both two good superstars. Hell, Bret Hart knows that Drew is the real deal.

For Drew, he simply needs to get a little more of an edge. Vince McMahon and Triple H are already high up on him so he will be safe.

As for Zack, he needs to get involved in an angle. Fortunately he has been put back with his old friend Curt Hawkins. Maybe now he can start winning some matches on TELEVISION!

Thanks for hearing my take on some of the WWE superstars who some consider to be up for the "future endeavored"slip. For some of those views see this article.

Thanks for reading leave your comments below. I look forward to reading them.