WWE: Alberto Del Rio or Sin Cara, Who Will Have the Better Career?

Joe M.Correspondent IMay 17, 2011

Rey Mysterio is not going to be around forever.  Eventually, the Mexican legend will retire, whether it be by choice or because of an injury (such as his knee). 

For years, we had been hearing online that WWE was looking for a Rey Mysterio replacement, someone for Rey to pass the "WWE luchador" torch to.  Not to mention, they would also be around to help WWE maintain it's large Hispanic fanbase.

Within the last year, we saw two new luchadors, straight from Mexico, debut.  They are, of course, Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara.  Two stars who seem to be on the fast track to become mainstays in the WWE main event scene. 

Alberto Del Rio just main-evented WrestleMania, giving Edge his last ever match, and Sin Cara, who debuted the night after WrestleMania (albeit months after Del Rio's debut) also has seen a considerable amount of TV time and with WWE moving him to SmackDown during the televised portion of the WWE Draft, it looks as though he too will be seeing some success in WWE.

But out of these two, who will see the most success?

Alberto Del Rio has done more in the last few months than most superstars can say they've done in their entire careers.  While becoming World Champion is not on his list of accolades, winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing WrestleMania (not literally, but in a World Title Match) is a big deal. 

It seems like winning a World Champion is in Del Rio's immediate future. It looks as though he will reach a high point in his career within the year.  That means he will be at the top of his game for years and years and years, as he won't be wasting valuable time waiting for a push in the mid card.

Alberto Del Rio is lacking in one category, though.  Crowd reaction.  He is heel, and he gets booed, but he fails to draw a substantial amount of heat.  Just look at WrestleMania 27, biggest show of the year, 70,000 people in the Georgia Dome, and the crowd was more-or-less dead when he drove out in his Rolls Royce.  Because of this, Del Rio may be kept back, but only time will tell if he is able to overcome this obstacle.

Then there is Sin Cara.  He only made his WWE debut a month and a half ago and has already made his way onto many fan's favorite superstars list.  While Del Rio is lacking in crowd reaction, Cara captivates the crowd every time he comes out. 

And while he wasn't pushed quite as fast as Del Rio, he has been put in a few main event matches but has also been put in plenty of mid-card matches.  Size is certainly a disadvantage of Sin Cara, however size (or lack there of) is one of the main reasons Rey Mysterio became so successful and may not get in Cara's way all that much.

There is simply less to say about Cara because he just debuted, but in the long run, it looks as though Cara will see the most success.

While Del Rio is significantly ahead of Cara now, the fact that he loses the crowd when talking and does not draw much heat will eventually catch up with him, and we may even end up with another Jack Swagger circa 2010.