This Year's NBA Fantasy Sleepers

JACK LContributor IOctober 18, 2008

As the new season approaches, so too does the new season of fantasy basketball.

With the world of fantasy basketball comes the much-heated draft season. Every year, every draft has its sleepers taken late, which later in the year help the team thrive to victory. I attempt to shine some light on this year's FANTASY SLEEPERS.


Francisco Garcia (Kings)

Artest gone, Garcia in. This guy can shoot the lights out, and now with Artest gone, the three-spot will be shared between Salmons and Francisco.

If you realize late in the draft you've botched the SF category, keep your eyes glued to this stud. He can shoot, score, and is not allergic to rebounds.


Jeff Foster (Pacers)

Jermaine has been traded, and Foster is still left with Indy. This guy puts up consistent numbers in the points and rebounds category. Last year he averaged 8.4 rebs a game, quite good for a 12th= to 13th-rounder. He has not any great seasons yet, but he certainly is due one now with JO gone.


Carl Landry (Rockets)

Although some speculate Artest might cause trouble to this guy's playing time, I hold otherwise. This late pick gets you rebounds, as well as an overlooked category—field-goal percentage.

Last year, Landry shot an outstanding 61.8 percent from the field. As for his minutes, he'll make due with what he is given. In the previous year he only averaged under 17 minutes, so he is definitely worth the risk.


Antonio Daniels (Wizards)

With Gilbert Arenas expected to be back December at the earliest, Daniels will be getting plenty of minutes. He fills the stat sheet pretty well for a late rounder, and has an incredible assist-to-turnover ratio.


I have got a couple other sleepers up my sleeve, but maybe four is enough for now. I hope I am able to give some insight and help during your drafts. Good Luck!