2011 NBA Draft: Cleveland Cavaliers Come Up Huge

Jim FolsomContributorMay 18, 2011

Duke's Kyrie Irving
Duke's Kyrie IrvingStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

Sports' most down trodden city has had a pretty huge day. On a day when the Indians are sporting baseball's best record, the Cavaliers not only have the landed the first pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, they have two of the top four. Could this be a little bit of karma payback?

Well if so, then those picks should turn into Hall of Famers. Because no city has built a stockpile of karma like Cleveland has.

Everyone knows by now what happened to the Cavs last summer. The world watched as they got their hearts ripped out by a native son.  This was the cruelest blow to a city used to cruel blows. There is "The Drive" and "The Fumble" in football. Then there was "The Move" as they watched their team pack up and head out of town.

In baseball. they watched the Indians drop two World Series in three seasons, the last one in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 to a team in its fifth season. Of existence.

Then they have watched superstar after superstar leave town. Manny Ramirez, Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia all left town and won world championships somewhere else. Now they are watching Lebron move closer to doing the same.

Actually, those have been the highlights in this city. Losing records are the norm. The Browns, Cavs and Tribe specialize in losing seasons. It's what they do.

So this past couple of months have been total bliss in Cleveland. The Indians have been on a roll with the best record in baseball. And now the ping pong balls have smiled on the Cavs.

What will the Cavs do with these picks?

Most feel they will use the first pick to take Kyrie Irving, the point guard from Duke. Irving spent much of his one college season nursing a "turf toe" injury. So we only saw him in 11 games for the Duke Blue Devils. However, most of the so-called experts feel he is another Evans/Rose/Wall/Paul type of point guard that can have a huge impact.

It is true the the NBA is now a "guard league". But it still helps to have some big men. With the fourth pick the Cavs may have a chance to get Irving some immediate help with someone like Enes Kanter, a 6' 11" big man with tremendous skills from Turkey, who never got to show them off in the college game. With Irving and Kanter, the Cavs would be set up for an immediate playoff run.

Or if Kanter goes to either Utah (who should be looking point guard to replace Deron Williams) or Minnesota, the Cavs have several other options at the four spot.

Derrick Williams from Arizona is a major talent at the forward position. Many felt he may have been the best player in the nation last year. Irving probably wouldn't argue after the Cats dismantled Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

Now if something weird were to happen and Utah passed on Brandon Knight and the Cavs were not able to land either of these guys, there is still Marcus Morris from Kansas to consider. Or perhaps they take Knight and use him for trade bait.

What would a team like say, Orlando be willing to part with to get some much needed help for Dwight Howard this year? Probably whatever the Cavs would ask for, that's what.

So all you business owners near the Q that suffered this year with no Lebron, help is on the way. Funny how quickly things can turn around isn't it? Although for Cleveland, if this does turn into something really big, it will have been a long time coming.