The Lucky Nipple Nudge Strikes Again

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2008

We've all seen it before. GSP. Rashad Evans. Now, it's "The Dean of Mean's" turn.

Yes, we are talking about the dreaded, so-called lucky nipple twist, and it was performed Saturday night (depending where you live) by Keith Jardine.

Every time we've seen this nipple work performed, it's had miraculous results.

When Georges St. Pierre used it in his pre-fight introduction, he had one of the best fights of his career against Jon Fitch and defended his welterweight belt for the first time successfully.

When Rashad Evans did it prior to his fight against Chuck Liddell, well, we all know what happened to "the Iceman." And now, Keith Jardine has once again used the twist, with a successful, hard-fought bout against Vera. The only question that remains isn't does it work, rather, how does it work?

Well, one thing we do know is there are different levels to the nipple twisting bonanza.

When GSP used it, he ever so-lightly glazed the tips of his fingers, and gently rubbed his nipples to bring that luck ghost spirit around him.

When Rashad did it, it was flat out finesse, with the innocent tweak of his nips mixed with the peppered saliva around his phalanges.

Though a little different Saturday night, Jardine neglected to use what his salivary glands produce, and went dry style. Notice how he fared the worst of the three.

In conclusion, if you tweak your nips, your luck will flip.