Montreal Canadiens Lose Andrei Kostitsyn On Brutal Non-Call

Matt EichelSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2008

Call me brash, but that hit by Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Kurt Sauer was cheap, nasty, and downright spineless.

Continuing on that stream, the refs turning a blind eye to the fact that the hit was vicious and not even handing anything out but the fighting majors that resulted because of the hit is downright disgusting.

I'm not calling Sauer the next Todd Bertuzzi, but that hit was unethical and, in essence, a dirty hit. What constitutes a clean hit? Shoulder into the player, player into the boards, and then the player is knocked off the puck.

Sauer didn't seem to concerned about the puck, but he made a, asinine move and instead of letting Kostitsyn make a play, he put his hands and stick up in Kostitsyn's face and smashed his head into the boards, knocking him out.

That is, in no way, shape, or form, a clean hit.

If there is going to be no suspensions coming out of this hit, that would be one of the largest oversights in the new NHL season. It makes me wonder if the big boys in New York and Toronto even give two cents about the well-being of all players.

Officiating has been on the decline recently, and this showcase of awful officiating only stands as a testament to the degrading class of refs.

Later on in the tilt, with Alex Kovalev's face meeting a Phoenix Coyotes players stick and yet again, no call.

I know it's hard to be a ref, I know many and it is a hard job.

But for the sake of the safety of the players, the caliber of the league, and the overall satisfaction and quality of the game, call these obvious and vicious penalties!