WWE Summer Madness: Round Two

Ryne AlexanderContributor IIIMay 17, 2011

Yesterday, the WWE Summer Madness began as you, the reader, selected the winners of the first-round matchups.  The field is down to 32, and it is up to you as to who will make the Sweet 16. The overall goal of this tournament is to figure out who the fans think is the best WWE superstar of all-time. There were plenty of upsets in the first round, and there is opportunity for even more this round.  

Here are the second-round matchups:

North Bracket

No. 1) Brett Hart vs. No. 8) Chris Benoit

No. 4) Randy Savage vs. No. 5) Roddy Piper

No. 6) HHH vs. No 14) Kevin Nash

No. 7) Jerry Lawler vs. No. 2) Kurt Angle

South Bracket

No. 1) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. No. 9) Brock Lesnar

No. 4) Ricky Steamboat vs. No. 12) Randy Orton

No. 3) Andre the Giant vs. No. 11) Edge

No. 2) The Rock vs. No. 10) Iron Sheik

West Bracket

No. 1) Hulk Hogan vs. No. 8) John Cena

No. 4) Curt Henning vs. No. 5) Terry Funk

No. 3) Bruno Sammartino vs. No. 11) Chris Jericho

No. 2) Ric Flair vs. No. 7) Ted DiBiase

East Bracket

No. 1) Shawn Michaels vs. No. 8) Eddie Guerrero

No. 5) Dusty Rhodes vs. No. 13) Rey Mysterio Jr.

No. 3) Bob Backlund vs. No. 6) Pedro Morales

No. 2) The Undertaker vs. No. 10) Sgt. Slaughter

As always, post your votes in a comment underneath the post for your voice to be heard. Have fun voting, and make sure to check tomorrow for the Sweet 16 matchups.