Boston Bandwagon: Are the Celtics the Best Team Ever?

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Boston Bandwagon: Are the Celtics the Best Team Ever?

After 38 games, the Boston Celtics are 32-6. Any team with that record is going to have a bandwagon.

But don't be so quick to call them the best ever.

The losses they've accumulated are against the Detroit Pistons, the Wizards twice, the Bobcats, the Cavs and the Magic. With the exception of Charlotte, these are some of the elite teams in the East.

So, they might have the greatest players ever put together on one team, but mighty Boston has already shown it is beatable.

The Celtics' roster consists of young point guard Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen in the backcourt. Allen is inarguably one of the deadliest shooters the NBA has ever seen, and Rondo is a very gutsy and quickly improving player.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Kendrick Perkins make up the Boston frontcourt. Pierce has been a the horse for the Celtics for years. Garnett is now in his ideal situation: a championship caliber team where he can lead by example.

The Celtics have three perennial All-Stars, but none of them have even sniffed the promised land of an NBA title.

Also, Ray Allen and KG might be too old to keep playing at a high level for the rest of the season, not to mention a deep playoff run. They haven't really showed any signs of slowing down yet, but we're still not at the All-Star Break.

So are the Celtics the best ever?

The teams that can be included in the argument are the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan Era, the Los Angeles Lakers during the 80's led by Magic and Kareem, and the 80's Celtics teams with Bird and McHale.

Personally, the only team that can contend with the high powered offense of the Celtics is the Bulls.  That team had Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman to carry them through the years, and role players like Kerr and Kukoc in later years to give them depth.

If the Celtics lack any one thing right now, it is a bench.

During the Bulls' era of dominance, they set the record for the most wins by a team in a season, going a shocking 72-10.

The Boston Celtics have been impressive enough already this season to warrant inclusion in this discussion. Don't jump to any conclusions just yet, though.

If the Bobcats can beat you on your own floor, there's always room to improve.

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