Why Didn't Kerry Earnhardt Ever Make It?

AnthonyCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2008

Did you ever wonder why Kerry Earnhardt retired? I really don't know where to go with this gut feeling I get every time I think back to Sr.'s death at Daytona.

It won't go away; I think because Kerry looks so much like his father. He just never got any media like Jr., and I cannot help but think Teresa thought blood was thicker than water.

Yes, I know that Kerry is employed by DEI, but why didn't Sr. put his foot down with Teresa and give him equal support financially and in the media? Is there that much in a name?

If Jr. was going to be a NASCAR great, it would have happened by now. It just hasn't panned out.

Like Waltrip, he just never became a great competitor. Like Petty, he just never became a great competitor.

They are all great guys, but as drivers, they all fell way short of the shadows their fathers cast in front of their sons.

I long to be back with the good ol' boys, but like Kid Rock sings:

"Oh, Roll On, roll on, roller coaster
We're one day older
and one step closer.

I'll go get my Earnhardt bear now. He understands me. He knows I dream of Black and Silver and white No. 3's.