TNA News: New Championship Belt to Debut

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 17, 2011

TNA plans on debuting a new Championship belt. The plans are to hold a tournament with the winner becoming the inaugural champion.

The title is called... *Drum roll* The Xplosion Championship!

TNA's international secondary show will now have a title belt. Xplosion airs in other countries, but not the US.

I personally think that this is a great idea by TNA. Now, lower/mid-card wrestlers have something to fight for on Xplosion.

Another positive coming from this is that maybe TNA will take Xplosion more serious now with a title belt. It seems to me that TNA is slowly but surely trying to build Xplosion into an entertaining show for fans across the globe.

Other news on Xplosion is that they have received a new "Commissioner of TNA Xplosion." The new commissioner of Xplosion is Desmond Wolfe!

Both are big steps for Xplosion.

First a new championship belt on the show and the return of Desmond Wolfe as the commissioner! People say that Xplosion is boring, but that may change now. 

It may change now because now "wrestling matters."