2011 NBA Draft Lottery: Reaction to NBA Draft Order, Draft Thoughts

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2011 NBA Draft Lottery: Reaction to NBA Draft Order, Draft Thoughts
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It's amazing how the bounce of one little ping pong ball can alter a team's future.

The Celtics had an overwhelming chance of getting the top pick in 1997, but instead the Spurs jumped the line and ended up with Tim Duncan and four NBA championships in 10 years.

The Celtics spent those years mired in mediocrity.

That's why the 2011 NBA draft lottery matters. Sure there's no Tim Duncan in this year's draft, but ask the T-Wolves how they would feel if they ended up with the No. 4 pick instead of a top-three pick.

There's not much strategy involved this evening. Just teams sending their luckiest charm in hopes of convincing the lottery Gods to send the ping pong balls their way.

We'll have a lucky jacket, lucky coins and even a lucky 14-year-old showing up as teams find out whether they can land a Derrick Williams or a Kyrie Irving or whether they have to roll the dice with a Jimmer Fredette.

Check back here for all your up-to-the-minute reaction to the draft order and a roundup of opinions that will by flying around the web tonight. We'll tell you all that you want to know and even the things you didn't even realize you needed to know.

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