Has The Media Created The Fan Monster?

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2008

Ob~jec~tive (adjective)-Not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased.

That's the defintion on record for objective, now let's look at unbiased.

Un~bi~ased (adjective)-Not biased or prejudiced; fair; impartial.

These two words and definitions are what we media members have to live our lives by and the way our work is supposed to be done.

Being unbiased in NASCAR seems to be getting harder and harder. Of course, no one can blame someone for expressing happiness in a feel good story that touches all of us. But journalists are coming out with more and more opinionated articles about why they love this driver or who needs to be kicked out or fired.

David Poole of the Charlotte Observer has repeatedly said that Jimmie Johnson shouldn't have been allowed to race when he and Chad Knaus were caught cheating in the 2006 Daytona 500.

That's fine when writing an editorial piece, people can choose what they want to read, but it seems every article is turning into an editorial.

It even appears now that broadcasters are promoting someone or something.

Some even have their own sponsors to plug, as evidenced by their shirts they wear whenever on TV. Or they could all turn as obvious as Darrell Waltrip and just blatantly talk about how much he loves Toyota and other things and why the fans should too.

That's where I believe things have gone to far.

It's no longer as simple as calling a great race and going home, now everyone has an agenda. That agenda may be brainwashing the fans.

Some will be smart enough to listen to what they want and endorse who they want and so forth.

But what about the ones who are constantly hearing the same thing week after week, are they being influenced to like a certain driver or change their opinion about another?

The media members may not realize just how much power they have, and if they do there using it all.

They come up with nicknames for certain drivers: Mike joy repeatedly saying "Wild Thing Wins," of course referring to Kyle Busch. You can't blame fans for not supporting Busch when he's referred to as wild on a race track where every move is crucial.

Then they will launch replays of Busch either causing a wreck or doing something "wild."

Or if you want the positive you need just talk to Darrell Waltrip and he can make an entire pre-race show out of the greatness that is Kyle Busch or any other driver that has a soft spot in Waltrip's heart.

They don't call him Jaws for nothing.

If drivers need to censor themselves then media members need to as well.

For example, during practice at Martinsville Jeff Hammond launched into what can only be described as a mini tirade when David Ragan covered the track and garage area with oil. Ragan made a mistake and was crucified for it.

To express it once is one thing, to continuely bash the kid is another. Soon the fans will join in.

The media is our source of information on everything NASCAR and its drivers and their stories are getting uglier and uglier.

Then when fans lash out the media becomes shocked and appalled, but yet they too feel and act the same way.

Yet it's the fans who come out as monsters, monster fueled by the medias dragged out and sometimes exaggerated stories.

Are we fans really making up our own minds or are we slowly being brainwashed to conform to what NASCAR wants us to like?