Is The Bleacher Report's Wrestling Section Being "Attacked"?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2008

Over the past couple of weeks the "wrestling bashers" have been coming out of woods and doing nothing but trash our writing and it seems to be a trend that is becoming more and more frequent.

There is only so much I, as a hot head 16 year old, can take before I lose it and start throwing out every curse word known to man at these people who call us, the wrestling writers, "retarded," "handicapped," and, worst of all, "gay."

I'm not trying to make the other writers on the Bleacher Report look bad. I just find it odd that they spend enough time to write mean comments on a wrestling article and say they don't like wrestling.

How am I, or any wrestling writer, supposed to react to being called gay or retarded? Why should we have to put up with it? I don't write about or like NASCAR, but I don't go over to their page, trash their entire article and say it sucks. It just makes no sense at all.

The other writers seem to think that we all believe Pro Wrestling is real. All of the educated writers in the wrestling section know it's scripted. We know it is all pre-determined and fake. We know it is not "technically" a sport. There is danger involved, but it is not a real competition, I agree.

I will agree with the "others" on that. I do not dispute the fact that wrestling is not a sport. I can look past that fact; why can't they. It's entertainment. It is more or less a television show like "Days of our Lives," but for guys.

I have been looking around at a lot of the wrestling articles over the past few weeks and I see more and more wrestling "bashers" commenting and harassing us. You can try and talk to them about the facts, but it does no good. Or you can do what I do and be rude back and throw around "personal attacks" until Zander catches you.

That is where the problem lies. We as wrestling writers aren’t allowed to fire back like we usually would like too. The "others" could easy tell Zander we personally attacked them and get us into a heap of trouble or worse, banned.

In what world is that just? In what world is it fair to have to put up with these ignorant people who attack us and then we are denied the right to fire back? We are expected to turn the other cheek. I can only do that for so long before I lose it.

These "others" haven't really attacked me on my articles, but I see it happening to other wrestling writers and I feel the need to defend them and the wrestling section as a whole. I feel like it is my duty as a wrestling writer to make sure the "others" are compensated for calling us "retarded" or "gay." An eye for an eye. Is that fair? I think so.

What is really "retarded" is the fact that the guys/girls are wasting their own time insulting something we enjoy and they are getting away with it. Then we get told by Zander to "turn the other cheek" and not defend ourselves. I personally think something should be done with these wrestling “bashers” and I don’t think Zander should expect us to put up with these attacks. That is only my opinion.

So if you're reading this and you have attacked a wrestling writer's article or anyone's articles, then please remember there is an actual person behind they keyboard.

Give me your thoughts on this subject and tell me what you think should be done with these people who insult us and bash our hard work. Should Zander do something?