Elton Brand Is the 76ers Centerpiece

Mike ThomasContributor IOctober 18, 2008

When Elton Brand came to Philadelphia I wondered why would he hadn't resigned with the Clippers and team up with his buddy Baron Davis? Then I said, he wants to first of all, second because the Sixers have a huge hole at the power forward position, and third, Elton knows the caliber player Andre Miller is and how he is that missing piece to a championship. Not to mention the East is weaker than the West.

Elton was the talk of the town. TV and radio stations were saying how he is that guy that we needed to make a deep run in the playoffs. I believe this guy, a two time All-Star, Rookie of the Year in 1999, and a real great person in the community, is a perfect fit.

Last year, the Sixers had a run and gun style, bringing in Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams to lead their charge. This year, I expect Elton will not slow us down. He can make outlet passes for the fast break or when he is double teamed in the post, he can kick it out to the wide open man. Our half court offense will be fun to watch, especially with an intelligent Andre Miller at the point. Trust me Elton will be doubled teamed from day one, but it is up to guys like Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, and Willie Green to make shots for this team.

Ed Stefanski did a great job of adding a power forward to this team. Last year it was Reggie Evans and Thaddeus Young splitting time there, but there was no clear cut four man. Now with Elton here, he will start and make an immediate impact. He is that important to this team. We know what type of player he is and what he can become, but what type of player will he be for his team.

A centerpiece makes his team better and takes the stress off the coach. Mo Cheeks should allow Elton to make his team better and the team should feed off his leadership. The East this year is tough, but with the Philadelphia 76ers making the biggest free agent signing of the summer in Elton Brand, they should be atop the East standings come game 82.