What the Lions Must Do To Win

Joe UnderhillCorrespondent IIIOctober 18, 2008

The Lions finally made a smart move. Trading Roy Williams was a step in the right direction. Williams would have been a free agent and the Lions need more then a #2 receiver to become competitive again. The Lions have a large number of holes they need to fill, and the number one way to fill holes in the NFL is through the draft.

The Lions now have two picks in the first, third and sixth rounds. What the Lions need to do in the draft is focus on the trenches. If I were the Lions GM I would look to shop my first overall pick. The Lions will have a top 5 pick and getting above average starters is a must. The extra second and third round pick the Lions could get for trading their first pick would be beneficial.

With their first pick I think the Lions need to target a DE. The Lions pass rush this year has been nonexistent. The other first round pick needs to be spent on a safety or corner back. The Offensive Line could also use a boost from the second or third round. I would avoid drafting a QB until seeing exactly what Drew Stanton is going to be able to do. Stanton was drafted in the second round two years ago, and has missed time due to injury. The Lions need to know what the kid from MSU is going to be able to do before drafting another QB high.

The Lions are two years away from .500 they need to have a strong draft. They need help on defense and along the offensive line. Whoever they bring in to be the next general manager needs to be able to evaluate college talent better then Matt Millen was able to do.