75 Years and Counting; My Take On The Eagles' 75th Anniversary Team: The Offense

Andrew SouthworthCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2008

Any statistical information taken for this article was compiled from PhiladelphiaEagles.com, The Eagles Encyclopedia, and NFL.com.

Last year, the Eagles let the fans vote for the 75th anniversary team. Any Eagles fan knows that we never always completely agree. With that being said, here is my take on the offense. The defense (which in my opinion is even tougher) will come next week.

Quarterback: Donovan McNabb

- 58.9 completion percentage, 26, 980 yards passing (franchise record), 179 touchdowns (franchise record), 82 interceptions.

- McNabb recently took over the Eagles franchise records for yards and touchdowns from Ron Jaworski. He has lead the team to a Super Bowl, four NFC Championship games, and the most playoff games overall of any QB in franchise history. Donovan also boasts the fewest INT's per throw of any QB in club history with 2.1 per attempt. There is no denying that Donovan McNabb single-handedly turned around this franchise from abysmal in the late 90's.

Apologies to: Ron Jaworski, Randall Cunningham, and Norm Van Brocklin

Running Back: Brian Westbrook

- 4.7 yards per carry, 4, 979 career rushing yards, 9.2 yards per reception, 3,304 yards receiving, 96 combined touchdowns.

- Westbrook can be debated as one of the greatest players in NFL history as well as Eagles history. He is a dual threat running and receiving and can very well take the ball into the end zone on any play. One of the most elusive and speedy backs of all time. Has ONLY 7 career fumbles! 2 of those fumbles came as a rookie. And as all Eagles fans know, this team struggles mightily without him in the lineup. The only knock is his history of injuries.

Apologies to: Steve Van Buren, Wilbert Montgomery

Wide Receiver #1: Harold Carmichael

- 590 receptions, 8,985 yards receiving, 79 touchdowns

- Played the second most games of any Eagle. 20 100 yard receiving games, elected to four Pro Bowls, and still ranks 18th all time in receiving touchdowns. Carmichael was a stud. Sadly, if he had a better QB early in his career, he could have been one of the greatest all time receivers in the league.

Wide Receiver #2: Pete Retzlaff

- 452 receptions, 7, 412 yards receiving, 47 touchdowns

- Might not be recognized by many casual fans, but "Pistol" Pete was elected to five pro bowls, and has the most 100 yard receiving days of any other receiver to play for the Eagles (24). Was a dangerous threat as a halfback and tight end as well.

Wide Receiver #3: Mike Quick

- 363 receptions, 6,464 yards receiving, 61 touchdowns

- Quick boasts the longest touchdown reception in NFL history (99 yds), 21 100 yard receiving games, and was elected to 5 straight pro bowls. Quick went all out on every single play, which may have caused him to retire a bit premature with patella tendinitis.

Apologies to: Tommy McDonald, Fred Barnett, and Terrell Owens

Tight End: Pete Pihos (Hall Of Fame)

- 373 receptions, 5, 619 yards receiving, 61 touchdowns

- Was a 6 time pro bowler and a 3 time NFL receiving leader. caught the game winning touchdown in the 1949 NFL Championship game. Had three consecutive years for 1953 to 1955 where he lead the league in receptions. Was a two way player for most of his career.

Apologies to: No one! Clear cut greatest tight end in team history.

Left Tackle: William "Tra" Thomas

- 2 time All-Pro and 3 time Pro Bowler. Has played as started for the better part of 10 seasons.

Left Guard: Jermane Mayberry

- 2002 Pro Bowl selection.

Center: Chuck Bednarik (Hall Of Fame)

- Where to begin...10 time All-Pro, 8 Pro Bowl selections, NFL all 75th Anniversary team, the last of the 60 minute men. His legend speaks for itself really.

Right Guard: Shawn Andrews

- Already a 4 time Pro Bowler and One time All-Pro player in his short career.

Right Tackle: Bob Brown (Hall Of Fame)

- 3 time Pro Bowl selection in only four seasons with Eagles, 7 time All-Pro, Lineman of the Year selection 3 times.


There it is folks. Feel free to debate and leave comments. Keep in mind, this is only one man's opinion. Defense is next week!


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