Power Ranking Michael Vick and the NFL's Most Mobile Quarterbacks

Jason KarlAnalyst IIIMay 17, 2011

Power Ranking Michael Vick and the NFL's Most Mobile Quarterbacks

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    Is the NFL moving towards more mobile quarterbacks?

    Rather than acting like a statue behind center, these quarterbacks know how to extend plays and run when there are running lanes.

    Some of these mobile quarterbacks can excel as pure pocket passers, though.

    Michael Vick has always been the benchmark for a mobile quarterback, but who are the other 10 mobile quarterbacks in the NFL today?

11. Colt McCoy

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    Many fans in Cleveland are wondering if Colt McCoy can be the franchise player the team desperately needs at quarterback.

    McCoy is accurate with the ball, which makes up for the lack of arm strength, and is also football smart. He can read defenses, and he played fairly well as a rookie, especially in such a tough division.

    He only started eight games last season, but if one translates his rushing totals to an entire season, he would have 272 rushing yards.

10. Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    Though Ryan Fitzpatrick had a breakout season last year with the Bills, you will not find many people around the league that believe Fitzpatrick is the long-term solution at quarterback for the Bills.

    He is football smart at the quarterback position, he did graduate from Harvard after all, but his lack of physical tools seems to hurt him.

    Behind a sub-par offensive line, Fitzpatrick has to often scramble and leave the pocket, evidenced by his 269 rushing yards.

9. Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler improved tremendously in his second year with the Bears, exceeding expectations.

    Cutler is known for his notorious gunslinger mentality, but this past season, he improved his interception totals, throwing only 16.

    With a cannon for an arm, Cutler can make every throw in the cold weather of Chicago, but his accuracy, decision making and lack of leadership has kept him from being called an elite quarterback.

    Cutler, though, is a mobile player at the quarterback position, and the league is catching on.

    Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews said: "He has great mobility, and obviously you can see that from this last game and the fact that he was able to make some plays with his feet and score two touchdowns rushing, too."

    Cutler ran for 250 yards in 15 games last season.

8. Jason Campbell

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    Coming out of Auburn, Jason Campbell seemed to have all the physical tools to succeed in the NFL, but as he is nearing the age of 30, he still has not had a breakout season.

    For his career, Campbell has over 1,000 yards rushing and last year ran for 222 yards in only 13 games.

    He has a big arm and can stick in the pocket, but with the amount of weapons the Raiders offense possesses, he consistently leaves plays on the field.

7. David Garrard

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    While no one will ever consider Garrard a bad quarterback, no one will consider him to be that good, evidenced by the Jaguars brass drafting a quarterback in the top 10 with Blaine Gabbert, even though the Jags had a respectable season last year.

    And for good reason. He is inaccurate and misses wide open guys on numerous occasions.

    He is mobile but struggles with his decision-making and inability to beat complex schemes.

    In 14 games last season, Garrard ran for 279 yards.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

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    While Ben Roethlisberger may not have the great speed, he is one of the most elusive players at the quarterback position.

    His ability to extend plays is uncanny, and he can escape almost all pressure.

    Roethlisberger ran for 176 yards in 12 games last season, but his unique way to avoid pressure justifies his ranking of No. 6 on the list.

5. Vince Young

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    Vince Young will have to find a new home this offseason, but he still has potential to be a great starting quarterback.

    Even though this was his fifth season in the league, he still has not had a great quarterback coach, one that could teach him the fundamentals of the game.

    Young has a big arm and is a leader at the quarterback position, but his questionable decision making and accuracy has hurt his development.

    Young though is one of the most athletic players at quarterback and can extend many plays. He is especially good on the run and is not hesitant to run.

    He had 125 rushing yards in nine games last season.

4. Josh Freeman

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    Josh Freeman is looking like the best quarterback of the 2009 draft. He made the jump last season leading the Buccaneers to a 10-6 record.

    Freeman is a born leader and has all the physical tools to be an elite quarterback.

    He ran for 364 yards in 16 games last season.

    Freeman will be looking to lead the Bucs to the playoffs this upcoming season and with the amount of talent on both sides of the ball, it would not be a total surprise.

3. Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow deserves a chance to start especially after his impressive three-game stint as a starter to end last season.

    In those three games, Tebow ran for 199 yards and 243 for the entire season.

    Tebow seems similar to Michael Vick in early part of his career. Tebow looks to run even if there are open receivers.

    With a probable trade of Kyle Orton, Tebow will have a stranglehold on the team in 2011 and look for  running to be a major part of his game.

2. Aaron Rodgers

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    After the 2011-2012 season, Aaron Rodgers will be considered the best quarterback in the game.

    There is nothing wrong with Rodgers throwing the ball. He can hit his receiver accurately on a fly route, a post, a corner, a curl and any type of route.

    Rodgers has the highest passer rating in NFL history.

    He ran for 356 yards in 15 games last season with four touchdowns.

1. Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick made the jump to actually becoming a starting quarterback. With Atlanta, if the first option was not there for Vick, he automatically tried to gain yards with his legs. In Philadelphia, Vick finally learned to look at his second and third options.

    Vick made the correct decisions on most plays and was particularly effective throwing on the run.

    Vick will continue to improve as he will go into the season guaranteed the starter unlike last year when he had to practice with the second teamers in training camp.

    He is one of the most electrifying players and arguably the greatest running quarterback in NFL history.

    In only 12 games, he ran for 676 yards and nine touchdowns.