UFC Is a Habit (Put It in the Air)

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2008

Is it just me, or does everyone get pumped up every time an MMA event is shown?

Whether I have to pay for it, or it's on free TV, I get really hyped up for any event, just to watch it.

Same thing happens here locally in Massachusetts, where I live. There is a WCF event that is regularly occurring now, and has some pretty decent fighters time and time again. What do I do? I take the day off from work, enjoy the day relaxing, and as if I were fighting that night, get all geared up a few hours before the fight, and when the event hits, I go insane.

Is this normal? Probably not.

But as a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, I can't but help to get excited to see two guys go at it for however-long the rounds are, and then when they're done, have two more guys do it again. And this isn't to exclude women. I thought some of the best fights I've seen on the Elite XC card has been done by Cyborg or Carano. I just know that whenever there's a fight on, there's no way I'm not watching.

And so, with the free UFC event on tonight, with a few lesser known fighters, and a main event between two guys that really haven't produced much recently, I'm ever-so hyped for tonight to happen. To see Rogan and Goldy talk, to see Vera and Jardine, and to see the oh-so-lacking Bisping and Leben duel, I say: "Lets Get It On!"