WWE Summer Madness: Round One

Ryne AlexanderContributor IIIMay 16, 2011

Last year around this time, I published articles that set up a bracket similar to that of the NCAA March Madness tournament—only with WWE superstars. I used current WWE superstars and let you, the reader, determine who the best current wrestler was.  The winner last year was The Undertaker. Most of the matches were predictable, and I figured it would be the same this year. So, instead, I set up a bracket using WWE superstars from past and present in the same format to let you, the reader, determine who is the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

Here are the first-round matches:


 North Bracket

No. 1) Bret Hart vs. No. 16) Rick Rude

No. 8) Chris Benoit vs. No. 9) Gorgeous George

No. 5) Roddy Piper vs. No. 12) John Bradshaw Layfield

No. 4) Randy Savage vs. No. 13) Animal

No. 6) HHH vs. No. 11) King Kong Bundy

No. 3) Harley Race vs. No. 14) Kevin Nash

No. 7) Jerry Lawler vs. No. 10) Ron Simmons

No. 2) Kurt Angle vs. No. 15) Dory Funk Jr.


 South Bracket

No. 1) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. No. 16) Killer Kowalski

No. 8) Bill Goldberg vs. No. 9) Brock Lesnar

No. 5) Ultimate Warrior vs. No. 12) Randy Orton

No. 4) Ricky Steamboat vs. No. 13) Hawk

No. 6) Mick Foley vs. No. 11) Edge

No. 3) Andre the Giant vs. No. 14) Junkyard Dog

No. 7) Jimmy Snuka vs. No. 10) Iron Sheik

No. 2) The Rock vs. No. 15) Vader


 West Bracket

No. 1) Hulk Hogan vs. No. 16) Nick Bockwinkel

No. 8) John Cena vs. No. 9) Buddy Rodgers

No. 5) Terry Funk vs. No. 12) Jack Brisko

No. 4) Curt Henning vs. No. 13) Scott Hall

No. 6) Jake Roberts vs. No. 11) Chris Jericho

No. 3) Bruno Sammartino vs. No. 14) Honky Tonk Man

No. 7) Ted DiBiase vs.  No. 10) Billy Graham

No. 2) Ric Flair vs. No. 15) Jeff Hardy


East Bracket

No. 1) Shawn Michaels vs. No. 16) Big Show

No. 8) Eddie Guerrero vs. No. 9) Gorilla Monsoon

No. 5) Dusty Rhodes vs. No. 12) RVD

No. 4) Luo Thesz vs. No. 13) Rey Mysterio Jr.

No. 6) Pedro Morales vs. No. 11) Freddie Blassie

No. 3) Bob Backlund vs. No. 14) Jim Duggan

No. 7) Pat Patterson vs. No. 10) Sgt. Slaughter

No. 2) Undertaker vs. No. 15) Kane


To vote, please leave the winner in a comment below. Tomorrow, Round 2 will start, and each day after will be a new round. I look forward to counting the votes and seeing who is the best WWE superstar of all time.