WWE News, Randy Orton: Your Next Challenger Is....

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIMay 16, 2011

WWE News, Randy Orton: Your Next Challenger Is....

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    With Randy Orton recently winning the World Heavyweight Championship, everyone is focused on Christian losing it after two days, rather than who will be the next challenger for the belt.

    There is no doubt in my mind that when they have their rematch that Orton will come out the victor, and Christian will once again be relegated to nothing. With Edge not around, the WWE won’t have much use for the IWC’s favourite forgotten man.

    As much as I hated the title being lost so soon, I do understand why the company did it.

    So what I’ve been thinking about is who will actually be challenging for the belt once the potential feud between the two is over.

    Without further ado, here we go.

Wade Barrett

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    The current Intercontinental Champion and member of The Corre. Last year he feuded with Orton slightly and did have a few chances to obtain the WWE Championship, however he failed on every occasion. With this seeming more to do with not wanting to push too soon in case of another Jack Swagger, rather than the lack of faith in Barrett.

    With his first title win coming in the last two months, could now be the time he steps up and challenges for the big one again?

    My answer is yes, and I believe he is ready to do so right now. He has the talent, the skill and mic ability to be the top heel on SmackDown and with Orton still being face, there is potential for a huge feud down the line.

    With the history between the two, there would be no problem setting this one up.

    The chances of this one happening are high and if it does go ahead I think Wade will finally come out on top and win his first top tier title.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    Being a former member of The Corre as of last Friday, he looks likely to feud with the group. If not, he could assert his dominance over SmackDown before eventually going on to challenge for his first title in WWE. I’m not including the ECW title though.

    Ezekiel Jackson is a powerhouse in every sense of the word, and showing his dominance over Big Show in recent months has helped further his case for being able to destroy the biggest and baddest the company has to offer.

    Right now, I don’t believe that anyone could defeat him one-on-one in a fair fight, and not come out of it injured.

    However, before he can even think about becoming a challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship, he needs to finish his feud with The Corre and then move on to the title.

    The chances of this happening are average, but I think Orton would come out on top. I highly doubt they would let him be dominated so easy, as they like Orton to appear unbeatable.


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    The two-time former WWE Champion went on something of an epic losing streak upon winning King Of The Ring.

    It wasn’t until beating Daniel Bryan for the United States Championship that he regained his composure and started dominating once more.

    Things came to an end when he lost the belt to Kofi Kingston at Extreme Rules.

    With his size, power and ability he definitely has all he needs to once again regain a major title, and he can do so by facing his former nemesis Randy Orton. The Brogue Kick is a move that, if it connects, is devastating.

    There is a good chance of this happening but I can’t see Sheamus coming out on top, but it will definitely raise his profile enough so that he can reclaim the gold in the not too distant future.

Cody Rhodes

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    Recently being pushed courtesy of a long running feud with Mysterio, Cody Rhodes has grown even more intense in recent weeks.

    Judging by things he is due for a title push anytime now. If things keep going how they are with him, then facing his former team-mate from Legacy could be the way forward.

    He might need a run as a mid-card champion first in some peoples eyes, but I think the man is ready to go straight to the top as he is now.

    With most people assuming he would not succeed without Legacy, he has proven all his detractors wrong with his excellent in-ring performances as of late.

    This is one that has a high chance of happening due to their former alliance. Again, if he does face Orton for the title, I can’t imagine him picking up the victory. But as with Sheamus, it will increase his profile and enable him to eventually pick it up in the future. He’s still young so has plenty of time.

    That’s it, just four choices. In my opinion there is no-one else on the SmackDown roster who could even hope to compete in the ring with Orton and come out looking half-decent.

    I hope you enjoyed this brief article and comments are always welcomed.