Mitchells Report? Or Mitchells Opinion

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Mitchells Report? Or Mitchells Opinion
I bet by now everyone has heard the down- low of the Mitchell Report. Roger Clemens, Andy Petite, Barry Bonds of course and many other big names were listed. But what does this really mean. NOTHING. Not once in this report is anything proven. Its all based on what people told other people. Last year Bud Selig hired George Mitchell to investigate sterroids in baseball. As you may or may have not heard, most of the information contained in this report was given by former yankees trainer Brian Macneme and mets trainer Kirk Renemsky. The point is, that when you read the mitchell report (not that i recomend reading 300 plus pages), you can not believe all that is in there. Those could be lies. You cant take the word of these people. What the MlB must do is investigate each case further before passing judgement. Overall, I think that the Mitchell Report was blown way out of proportion.

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