The 25 Hottest International Sports Fans

Scott HowardContributor IMay 17, 2011

The 25 Hottest International Sports Fans

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    As Americans, we tend to remain pretty insular when it comes to sports. We stick to the basics of football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

    But there has been a trend recently where sports fans are starting to take notice of international sports.

    The Olympics and the World Cup help expose us to sports cultures that are simultaneously similar and drastically different than our own.

    One of the biggest reasons to watch international sports, however, is the plethora of absolutely drop-dead gorgeous fans that seem to attend the games. Most of them are soccer fans, naturally, but there are also some fans of different sports out there.

    Here is a list of the 25 hottest fans, both celebrities and good, old-fashioned beautiful ladies.

25. Dutch Soccer Fans

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    The Dutch made a run all the way to the World Cup final in 2010, and they couldn't have done it without support from hot fans like this.

    The orange really brings out her eyes, don't you think?

24. Helen Chamberlain

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    Helen Chamberlain is an English television personality, but she's also one of the biggest supporters of Torquay United, an English soccer club.

    Chamberlain has posed for some racy photo shoots, but something tells me she's more comfortable in this soccer gear.

23. German Soccer Fans

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    Berlin is one of the biggest party cities in the world, and the party definitely extends to German soccer matches.

    You don't get to wear a bikini much in Germany because of the weather, but this girl is definitely getting her money's worth.

23. German Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    Nothing shows your support like a sports-themed bra. I don't know where you get something like that—maybe it's custom made—but I'm sure the rest of the German fans appreciate it.

22. Sofia Hayat

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    Sofia Hayat is a British actress of Indian descent and she's apparently a huge cricket fan. I don't remember the last time an American actress went out with the Stanley Cup painted on her back.

21. Spanish Soccer Fans

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    Spain won the World Cup in 2010, so it gave female fans plenty of opportunity to celebrate by taking their clothes off.

    I'm not sure how they got wet. Maybe it was raining. Maybe they were doused in celebratory champagne. Either way, it's working in their favor.

20. Sarah Brandner

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    Sarah Brander is a swimsuit model who is a rabid German soccer fan. It may have something to do with the fact that she's dating German soccer star Bastian Schweinsteiger.

    There's nothing like a girl who's not afraid to down a couple beers at the game, but can also take pictures like this

19. Mexican Soccer Fans

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    Mexico may be directly south of the United States, but the country's love for soccer is nothing like ours.

    Maybe if we had more fans like this we would take more of an interest in the MLS.

19. Mexican Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    This Mexico soccer fan is an avid supporter and she likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    She must have a thing for green.

18. Adriana Lima

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    Adriana Lima is Brazilian, so there's no doubt that she's a big soccer fan, but she had to become a huge basketball fan when she married former NBA player Marko Jaric.

    Sure, we're used to seeing Adriana like this, but she still looks hot when she's cheering at the stadium.

17. Portuguese Soccer Fans

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    Portugal is the land of Cristiano Ronaldo, so you know they must have a lot of hot women. Here is one showing her full support for the Portuguese soccer team.

    Maybe she'll be next on Ronaldo's list.

16. Candace Rae

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    Candace Rae is a Canadian model who is a self-professed "hockey super fan." I bet she was cheering for Canada when it beat the US for the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Shoot, if she was standing next to me, I'd be rooting for Canada too.

15. Charlize Theron

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    Most people probably aren't even aware that Charlize Theron is South African, but she made it known that she was supporting her home country in the 2010 World Cup.

    I know the team didn't win but, then again, if you come from a country that produced Charlize Theron, you're a winner in my book.

14. Australian Rugby Fans

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    These are some Australian rugby fans who decided to support their team by distracting the other team with half-naked women.

    Notice how the guys in the row in front of them have absolutely no interest in the action on the field.

13. Kate Groombridge

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    Kate Groombridge is a model/actress from England who is also known as a huge Arsenal supporter.

    And we are definitely a huge supporter of her arsenal.

12. Italian Soccer Fans

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    Italy has some of the hottest women in the world. It also has one of the best soccer teams in the world.

    Put those together and you get one of the hottest fan bases in the world. Exhibit A.

12. Italian Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    Exhibit B.

11. Shakira

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    Not only did Shakira sing the official song of the 2010 World Cup, but she is also dating Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique.

    Shakira's hips don't lie, and they are saying, "I love futbol!"

10. Gemma Arterton

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    This English actress starred along Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, but she's also a huge soccer fan.

    You can bet that she'll be out there rooting against Gyllenhaal and the Americans any time their sides match up.

9. Trinidad and Tobago Soccer Fans

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    Trinidad and Tobago has a population of just over a million people, but that doesn't mean their soccer fans aren't as hot as the rest of them.

    I'm not sure where you can catch a Trinidad soccer game, but hopefully this girl will be there.

8. Swedish Soccer Fans

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    Hey, not all Swedish women are hot, tall, blue-eyed blondes. Well, this one happens to be, but I assure you they don't all look like this.

    I'm not sure how her English is, but she managed to jot something down on her hip that makes this picture that much hotter.

8. Swedish Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    Like I said, they're not all hot blondes. That one on the far right is definitely brunette...although still very, very, hot.

    Not sure what's going on with the orange juice, but far be it from me to question anything these girls choose to do.

7. South African Rugby Fans

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    I am assured that the "Sharks" on the front of these girls' t-shirt is referring to the rugby team in the South African Rugby Union.

    I've never seen a rugby match all the way through, but if these girls are there, I will watch absolutely anything they want.

6. Moran Atias

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    Moran Atias is an Israeli model, actress and humanitarian who also appreciates a good international soccer match.

    It's hard to believe we haven't achieved world peace with this woman travelling around the globe.

5. Ariadne Artiles

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    Ariadne Artiles may not be a household name, but she's a Spanish model who's also a huge Spanish soccer fan.

    She was cheering them to victory when they won the World Cup in 2010.

4. Korean Soccer Fans

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    This Korean football fan makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on the game. We have to give her some credit for resourcefulness. She seems to have made a shirt out of a torn piece of cloth and a skirt out of a flag.

    She should try out for Survivor.

3. Larissa Riquelme

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    Paraguayan super-fan Larissa Riquelme became an Internet sensation during the 2010 World Cup due to her general hotness and unique placement of her cell phone.

    I don't think I'm the only one who hopes Paraguay wins the whole thing in 2014. That's like a month straight of Larissa.

2. Brazilian Soccer Fans

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    Brazil has some of the hottest fans in the world, and most of them support the country's international soccer team as if they were members.

    I don't know about you, but this would motivate me to score.

2. Brazilian Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    The Brazilian flag has never looked better. Here's a super-hot soccer fan showing off her patriotism—among other things.

2. Brazilian Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    Yeah, I'd say Brazil would be a decent place to take in a soccer game. It's a wonder how anyone can concentrate on the game with girls like these in the stands.

1. Argentinian Soccer Fans

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    If the bartenders in Argentina dress up like this on game days, it's hard to see why anyone would actually go to the stadium.

    Go Argentina!

1. Argentinian Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    This is Argentina's answer to Larissa Riquelme, a model named Doris Mar. She may not have gotten as much publicity as Riquelme, but she's equally as hot.

    Add her to the list of other Argentinian fans, and you have the hottest fan base in the world.

1. Argentinian Soccer Fans (Cont.)

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    Brazil isn't the only South American country with passionate soccer fans. Here's Doris Mar again, ready to do anything as long as it helps Argentina win.