WWE/TNA: 3 U's: The Real Underused, Underutilized and Underrated Wrestlers Today

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 16, 2011

WWE/TNA: 3 U's: The Real Underused, Underutilized and Underrated Wrestlers Today

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    U begins many interesting words....

    Unidentified flying Object





    The latter are everywhere I look on this site, an article referring to the most underused talent in WWE and TNA is always around.

    Well, expect the unexpected in this slide.

    I'm going to feature wrestlers who actually have all or the majority of tools needed to succeed.

    Wrestlers like, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Amazing Red and his Sin Cara alternative...

    As much as I adore this guys, I'm sick and tired of seeing the same articles with the same wrestlers in them.

    People who I think who have the tools never ever get mentioned, so sit back and brace yourself because not all of you may agree...

Robert Roode

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    If you're the crop of fans who don't recognize this picture and only think of Robert Roode, Robert Roode before Beer Money was somewhat a solo star and before that in the stable, Team Canada.

    Anyways, Roode's persona was that of the Rich 'I can do anything and everything because I have money'.

    And for me, I always felt had he more momentum of a push, he would have become one of the bigger stars in TNA Impact Wrestling.

    Roode, rarely ever comes up in these 'most underrated stars' despite having the 'look' of a World Champion, decent mic skills and an entertaining moveset.

    Besides who doesn't love the double R Spinebuster?

William Regal

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    Last time I saw William Regal in the ring was NXT against JTG.

    From main eventing Raw, Wrestling WWE Champions to a match to a guy who has yet to even win any Championship in WWE.

    Anyone remember when William Regal was 'King' William Regal?

    Well I do.

    He was the GM around the same time, and even defeated CM Punk in the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament. 

    It seemed as if WWE were intent on pushing him to the main event scene, but it just seemed to never come.

    Regal himself has stated he is set to retire soon, and will go down as one of the better stars of WWE never to win the World Title.

    We all agree he should have been much more, but, even still, WWE could at least give him a run in the mid-card scene before his retirement.

Eric Young

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    I think when Eric Young became leader of World Elite he quickly turned people's heads and showed he could be a great top level guy.

    It came and went.

    It was so quick that World Elite Eric Young doesn't even seem to be apart of this generation of Wrestlers....

    I always felt he had the potential to much more than a comedic guy. It's a shame that the comic relief wrestlers are the more talented guys, e.g. Santino Marella. 

    I saw him in Team Canada to Super Eric to World Elite back to confused mumbo jumbo guy he is today.

    And I don't think I feel as sorry for anyone in the biz as much as he.

    Come on. Cruising around with the Kliq to teaming with Orlando Jordan?

    Needless to say, Eric Young proves he has the mic skills shown in his skits and his in-ring work is up to scratch. He always gets a response from the crowd and thats the bottom line. 


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    I hate using the racial aspect in things, but, had JTG been born white, he would have been at the top of the roster.

    His mic skills are good enough, he just needs a revamped character.

    His move-set usually connects with the audience.

    And whilst Shad was said to be the better out of the duo, I always preferred JTG.

    I see something in JTG and it's not the bling.

    This guy only needs a gimmick change and at best he would be a very good mid-carder.

Jeff Jarrett

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    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    Hell yeah.

    That woman wrapped around Kurt Angle is now Mrs J-A-Double R-E-Double T, and it has made for an interesting feud for the second rate company. 

    In recent months, my interest in TNA has declined. I'm not sure if it's the new faces (Crimson/Gunner) or the 'Unmissable but missable' episodes. However, the angle of Angle/Jarrett has kept me delighted. 

    It has also shown Jeff Jarrett is one of the more better workers in the company.

    The IWC had branded Jeff as a Woman stealing, Political Motherf**k*r.

    He shouldn't be in the main events, but as someone who young faces can rely on.

    This guy, although not underused, is underrated by the IWC.

Primo Colon

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    I was one of the many who assumed this guy had poor mic skills. Everyone assumed mic skills did not run deep in the Colon family.

    Well, a few weeks back, I was at the London Raw—The RAW where R-Truth turned heel and smoked and as the dark match Primo Vs Percy Watson—where Primo cut a promo.

    The promo was great and the crowd was eating it up.

    Search it up.

    I couldn't find the exact one but a similar promo.

    Everyone knows he is a great in-ring performer and deserves so much more. He has the talent. WWE hopefully takes notice of these promos and does something with him.

    Tito and Primo anyone?

Micheal Tarver

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    If you look carefully, behind John Cena, next to Wade Barrett who is with Justin Gabriel, next to Justin you can make out a figure. That figure is none other than Michael Tarver.

    I am part of the select few who see potential in Michael Tarver.

    And for the 10 people who see it.

    We can see he has more than sub-par mic skills.

    We can see his has more than a capable moveset.

    He didn't get the biggest reaction. But if WWE see something in some of the horrible Nexus members, they must see gold in Tarver.

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