Simming With The Royals

Clark FoslerCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2008

KC Star baseball writer and all around good guy, Sam Mellinger, put out a plea on his blog the other day.  He needs our help.

His goal:  To assemble a 25 man roster of the best Royals players of all-time for a historical simulation that will see this team square off against other franchise’s all-time talent.  It’s a daunting task.  The sim is going to be run by a site called Seamheads and they have assembled some top-notch talent to run franchises including Bill James, Joe Posnanski and Jonah Keri.  Check out their full roster on their Facebook page.

I was kicking some ideas around in my head and thought maybe we could get some good discussion going.  The caveat is the players stats will only include his time with the team meaning if you pick Gaylord Perry, you don’t get his career 3.11 ERA and 3,534 strikeouts.  You get his 4.27 ERA and 40 strikeouts he compiled in 84 innings with the Royals in 1983.

So with the ground rules set, here’s my team:

C - Darrell Porter   --  .271/.375/.435 in 1,896 at bats for the Royals

Porter has the third highest OBP in franchise history.  Plus, the ladies used to think he was good to look at.  At least my mom did.

1B - John Mayberry  --  .261/.374/.448 in 3,131 at bats for the Royals

He ranks 6th in HR with 143 and RBI with 552.

2B - Jose Offerman  --  .306/.385/.419 in 1,592 at bats for the Royals.

Oh no, he didn’t!  Oh yes, I did!  I love Frank White but he hit .255/.293/.383 in 7859 at bats for the Royals.  I'm thinking in a sim like this, longevity doesn't help.  It's all about the rate stats.  Defense counts, sure… But Offerman wasn’t that bad.  White makes my team as a utility guy.

SS - Greg Gagne  --  .266/.317/.392 in 1,345 at bats for the Royals.

This is truly the black hole of the franchise.  I would listen to arguments for Kurt Stillwell, UL Washington and his toothpick and Freddie Patek.  But look it up - none of those guys could outhit Gagne, which is sad.  And Gagne was awesome with the glove.

3B - George Brett  --  .305/.369/.487 in 10,349 at bats for the Royals.

I know you doubted me after I passed on White at 2B.

LF - Carlos Beltran  --  .287/.352/.483 in 3,134 at bats for the Royals.

He should have stayed in KC where he could have continued to put up solid numbers without the pressure.

CF - Amos Otis  --  .280/.347/.433 in 7,050 at bats for the Royals.

Otis was THE MAN in CF.  In my mind, the stadium never rocked louder than when the game was on the line, Otis was at bat and the A.O. chant roared.  He was surly, too.  He can be this team's Guillen.

RF - Danny Tartabull -- .290/.376/.518 in 2,327 at bats for the Royals.

The Bull is number two all time in OBP and number one in SLG.

DH - Mike Sweeney  --  .299/.369/.492 in 4,669 at bats for the Royals.

I hope injury history doesn’t play a part in this sim.

OK… I’m running short on time and really want to get this posted, so I’ll stop here.  This is how my lineup would look.

Offerman - S

Beltran - S

Brett - L

Tartabull - R

Mayberry - L

Sweeney - R

Otis - R

Porter - L

Gagne - R

To me, that’s a pretty balanced lineup.  A little OBP and speed at the top, some muscle in the middle and a couple of guys that can handle the bat at the bottom.

The one thing that bugs me is I’ve left Kevin Seitzer out of the everyday lineup.  His .380 OBP as a Royal is the highest of all time among those with over 2,000 plate appearances with the team.  I thought of moving Brett to 1B and putting Seitzer at 3B.

My bench would include Willie Wilson and Hal McRae for the OF, Mike Macfarlane at catcher and Seitzer, Frank White and one of those shortstops on the IF.

Talk amongst yourselves and give your suggestions in the comments.


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