WWE Panorama: 20 Reasons to Love the Rivalry of the Undertaker & Shawn Michaels

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WWE Panorama: 20 Reasons to Love the Rivalry of the Undertaker & Shawn Michaels

Fifty years from now, this world would be a very different place. I have no idea about other things, but we will have a nice time telling our grand children about our world, about our fond memories of life and of course about the pro-wrestling.

I can picture myself sitting in a patio on an easy chair and blabbering about WWE. One of the very few things that I would certainly share with those kids will be a rivalry, which would be etched vividly in my memory even at that time.

It is a rivalry that gave me some of the best moments of my life as a pro-wrestling fan. This rivalry convinced me that I can see a poetry in motion within that ring. It proved me that Pro-Wrestling is an art.

An art, which is rich in emotion, flare, showmanship as any other form of art on this planet. Of course, you know that I am talking about the rivalry of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

Rivalries are a big part of Pro-Wrestling business, in fact, the most important part. It is the basic instrument of story-telling. There are many things that make a rivalry real and enchanting.

A perfect rivalry has great story, ferocity, clash of dreams, clash of legacies and integrities. A great rivalry makes you think about it even after turning the TV off.

It gives you matches that make you breathe faster and mark out like a child. Above all, a great rivalry has heart of its own and it beats too.

If ever any rivalry has met these criteria, then it is The Undertaker vs. HBK. It is one of the greatest rivalries of all time. There are very few rivalries that match this rivalry. But since, there are thousand ways to judge a rivalry, I won't call it a single greatest rivalry of all time.

Anyway, this article may discuss a topic that has been discussed to death already. It may talk about the two most documented superstars in WWE history. But, it will try to give you at least one new point, I promise that.

Therefore, after such a lengthy ado, let us proceed and talk about the 20 factors that have made this epic battle of two legends so special.  

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