College Football Week 8 Line Moves (Oct. 18)

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IOctober 17, 2008

It's my favorite day of the week during my favorite time of the year again, and it couldn't come soon enough.

Once again, the weekday games didn't treat me well, as I never had a good feeling about any of them and went out of my way this week to make that clear.

To rehash it one more time, I pick about four to five times as many games as most of the guys out there and I do it because that's what my readers ask me to do; they want my opinion.

I usually will say if I really like a pick or if I'm just picking it to say this is who I would lean toward, yet overall they all count the same toward my record. Such is life.

I would also like to thank all of the people who left me all of the wonderful comments this week and every week. While they don't always remain on the front of my blog, as articles are constantly rotating, I keep every one of them, good or bad, and it is already close to 1,000.

At some point, I'm going to figure out a way to integrate those into the forum and when I am able to, hopefully we get some good conversation revolving around them, as most relate to posts or topics a lot of people have feelings about.

I briefly want to touch on something about the comments. I can approve, delete, edit or really do whatever I choose to do with them, but I rarely if ever do anything but let them post as is, whether they be complimentary or critical.

I'm not perfect nor have I ever claimed to be but if you want to use my blog as a vehicle to critique me then you have to bring something to the table and have some accountability.

If you leave your contact info as a made-up email, it is pretty easy to figure out; I am accountable and accessible and I expect anyone who has something to say to be the same as well.

While I don't make you post a picture like I do of myself and I would never share your email, you have to have some accountability.

If you are critiquing my picks then all of the better, what would be really great is if you gave us your picks ahead of time. I have a forum where you can do this, and why not make it really count by entering my free picking contest. All of the rules were sent out in this week's newsletter but I wrote a post about it and I'll leave it on the front page all week.

Speaking of picks and the site, I have a lot of changes coming up in the future and while I don't like to look too far ahead I can say by this time next year it will be something that I could have only dreamed of.

I have been in contact with other bloggers and pickers and we have all kinds of ideas about expanding the site and the content. Right now, it's just me, and I know everyone likes the picks, so that's what I've been concentrating on the most.

Some things I would like to do is a stat talk, where I can talk about how to analyze different stats and weigh them as to what is more important than others. I want to have guests as there are some great stat guys out there and many of them have contacted me about doing some sort of collaboration.

I also get emails from people who don't even really like football that much but like my Ten Top Tens series and was wondering if I'll be doing more pieces like that. The answer is yes but I'm not sure of the time frame or the quantity.

The sooner I get a few more people integrated into my site, the sooner things like that will happen. I have also spoken to a few talented writers out there who want to either contribute periodically or have a regular place here, all of that is still in the works, but in some cases, we've talked specific features and my guess is it will start next year but I think everyone will enjoy them.

In any event I'll talk more about some of the site news and things of that nature when it happens and I'll post the article about the rules of the contest later today and will link it here.

Let's get on to talking some football, after all it's game day and I have over 20 games picked for today alone. Let's see where the lines moved and where the public is leaning and if it created any new opportunities.

The line in the Clemson-Georgia Tech game has gone from Clemson -4 to Georgia Tech -3. I guess that's what happens when you change coaches mid-season. I didn't pick this one, as I couldn't think of anything funny to say about it with Tommy Bowden being gone, I'm sure I'll find some new material soon.

The Line in the Connecticut-Rutgers game is all over the map. It opened at Rutgers -3, moved to UConn -1, and is now back to Rutgers -1. I took UConn, but I'm starting to get a bad feeling.

The Miami-Duke line moved from Miami - 6 1/2 to Miami -3; I don't pick games involving the Canes, and even if I did I wouldn't touch this thing.

The Canes are traditionally one of the worst cover teams but they historically have had to lay gigantic numbers. Randy Shannon plays the most freshmen in the country. Talk about a built in excuse for the inconsistency of the play calling.

The line in the Oklahoma-Kansas game has gone from the Sooners -14 to Oklahoma -19 1/2. I wrote this one up in the newsletter this week.

The line in the Alabama-Ole Miss game has gone from the Crimson Tide -15 to Alabama -11 1/2. I picked the Rebels earlier this week and I guess a lot of people agree with me.

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