Larry Johnson won't play this Sunday

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

In case you haven’t heard Larry Johnson will be inactive for the game this Sunday when the Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans.

It is being reported by ESPN that LJ broke some team rules

Most of the time I would be fairly upset that one of the Chiefs best players isn’t going to be able to play on Sunday, but for some reason I find myself being okay with this. IF LJ needs to be put in his place then I am just happy that Herm Edwards is doing his job. Also, LJ has been impressive in two games this year and nearly non-existent in the others, so I would like to see what Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles can do when given an opportunity (even though it is against arguably the best defense in the NFL right now).

What are your thoughts about the LJ “suspension”?

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Larry Johnson won’t play this Sunday