Cage vs. Cons: May 21, 2011 LA Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena

Todd SeylerContributor IMay 15, 2011

Cage vs Cons May 21, 2011
Cage vs Cons May 21, 2011

On the surface, Cage vs. Cons matches up prison guards, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and other law enforcement and military personnel against ex-convicts inside the Octagon.  

The event is highlighted with various musical performances including E-40, Too Short, and the Dogg Pound and is hosted by Tiny Lister, “Deebo” from Friday, and Danny Trejo.

Additionally, a myriad of Los Angeles’s most esteemed tattoo artists will be part of the event.

Michael Lynch, CEO and creator of Cage vs. Cons, has fed on the public’s obsession for instant rivalries. Pinning an ex-convict versus a law enforcement agent divides the crowd instantly into two distinct, supporting halves.

A combination of high-energy, blood-seeking fights coupled with tremendous musical talent and incredible tattoo artists embrace the mixed martial arts culture perfectly and illuminates the foundation of life as an ultimate fighter.

Below the surface, however, Cage vs. Cons and Michael Lynch tell a different story.

The underlying theme of this unique promotion is to remove the stereotype associated with a law enforcement agent or an ex-convict and see the competitors as who they truly are; ultimate fighters.

Michael, an ex-convict himself, has a vision in which mixed martial arts is at the core.

That vision is to provide at-risk youth the opportunity to better their lives through the disciplines taught while training as an ultimate fighter; hard work, focus, and challenging yourself to achieve a dream.

Coordinating with Hector Pena and his gym located in Chatsworth, California, Michael provides the kids growing up in the gang-riddled areas of Los Angeles County the opportunity to “put down the guns and put your fists up.”

A born-again Christian and an advocate for the Bible and its teachings, Michael unites with other Christians, including Tiny, to relay the message to the children that living a wholesome, virtuous life in conjunction with God’s plan will provide these at-risk youth an avenue to pursue their dreams and avoid becoming a statistic of the streets.

Cage vs. Cons will take place in Los Angeles, California on May 21, 2011 at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena.

The event will be comprised of ten professional fights culminating in the main event between “Officer” Ismael Gonzales and “Notorious” Rick Slaton.

Gonzales, a police officer in L.A. will bring his stand-up striking background to the cage against Rick Slaton.

Slaton, an ex-convict and ex-gang member has given his life to God in prison and is now working with Lynch to reach out to the youth.

Inside the cage, Slaton, like Gonzales, is also a knockout specialist. Look for these two hard-hitting mixed martial artists to stand toe to toe inside the center of the Octagon and give the fans everything they deserve. 

Religious beliefs aside, the message of this promotion is loud and clear; it’s time to provide the youth of Los Angeles the opportunity to pursue their dreams and not be swayed by the gang lifestyle.

This is a tremendous message and one that should be resounded nationwide.

Come support Cage vs. Cons and watch an evening of amazing fights, tremendous hip-hop talent, and extremely gifted tattoo artists on May 21st.

There are plenty of good seats still available.

Tickets start at just $30.

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